What’s Happening

What’s Happening

Our mission is to become disciples who make disciples.

We will labor in the Greater Kansas City area to connect people to one another and to God, to serve our community, and to encourage a deeper relationship with Jesus.

What’s Happening @ Central

Our church consultation process is continuing. The Leadership Team has been exposed to significant amounts of information about Central, and now we’re engaged in learning more about ourselves. I hope, in the next few weeks, to start engaging the remainder of the congregation in what we’ve learned.

Thank you to all who stayed yesterday and helped with setting up the decorations for the church. We have changed it up a little bit, but the holiday cheer is still very much a part of the facility.

We will be celebrating our Annual Fellowship meal on December 18th after the morning service. Please bring side dishes and desserts to share. Meat will be provided!

Don’t forget our annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Service will take place on Saturday, December 24th at 7:00 pm (this is a change from previous announcements concerning the TIME). Our Sunday service, on December 25th, will not have a time for Sunday school; we will join together in worship at 11:00 am on Christmas Day.

Thought for the Day

As we approach the Christmas holiday I was drawn to Matthew’s gospel. I started reading the first chapter, which includes the genealogy of Jesus from Abraham to Joseph, his earthly father. As you read through the list of names it would be easy to imagine each of the people listed as super-heroes of faith. Nothing could be further from the truth.

One of the forebears of Jesus is named Manasseh. Manasseh was a king of Judah, inheriting the kingdom from his father, Hezekiah. It is said that under the rule of Manasseh, Judah reached a low point of morality. Manasseh was, by all accounts, an apostate; completely rejecting the God of Israel.

Why bring this up? Well. it is easy to sometimes blame our present circumstances on our past. Jesus certainly could have laid some blame on forebears like Manasseh. Instead, Jesus looked to His heavenly Father for every aspect of His life and ministry. Jesus did nothing that His heavenly Father did not want done. Jesus did everything in order to glorify His heavenly Father.

So, my encouragement for today is let the past be the past (learn from the mistakes, but don’t blame the past for your present). Look to Jesus for all that you need to do, today.

Missions Focus

International Focus

Shannon Little ~ Japan

National Focus

Carl & Cynthia Spruill ~ Hawaii

Prayer Requests

  • Tom Machal
  • Joyce Terry
  • Dawn Easley

Upcoming Events

  • Church Consultation ~ November 28th @ 6:30 pm
  • Mid-Week Bible Study ~ November 30th at 11:00 am
  • Fig Leaf Saturday ~ December 3rd from 1:00-3:00 pm

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