Max Breshears

Max is a deacon at Central Church. He was ordained in 1991 and has been serving as a deacon since that time. Max has attended Central Church since June of 1968. He grew up in Missouri and attended Grandview schools beginning in fourth grade through the middle of eleventh grade. After graduating high school, he earned an AA Degree from Central Missouri University. Max then went to work for a civil engineering company for three years, then worked 36 years for a heavy construction company as an estimator, later as an executive for the company.

Max accepted Christ as his personal savior in 1963 as a teenager. Living as a Christian has guided him throughout his life.

I believe as a Christian that you should strive to allow God to lead to lead you in every part of your life. We can all have a closer relationship with God through daily prayer and attaining wisdom from God’s word.

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