Sermons from January 2021

Sermons from January 2021

Walk in Love

There is one overriding characteristic that is an absolute requirement for Christians–love. We are to love God supremely, love others within the fellowship of believers, love our neighbor, and even love our enemies.

Preamble ~ Genesis 8:20-22

The ark has landed, and the Lord has ordered the occupants to disembark. What is the first thing you would do after a long, arduous journey? Noah sets a good standard!

A Worthy Walk

Our walk, our life and lifestyle, is not only supposed to be proper it is supposed to be worthy. Worthy of our calling and worthy of the One doing the calling.

A Proper Walk

Our walk, our manner of living, is meant to be consistent and cohesive. Paul made it clear when he wrote a letter to the churches in Rome that this was an essential part of their Christian life.