Sermons on Fellowship

Sermons on Fellowship

A Journey Begins

Every journey has a beginning. As we begin a journey into the heart of God from now until Easter, we will also have to have a beginning.

Reality ~ An Intentional Life

We spend so much of our life stumbling, looking for something to provide fulfillment and meaning. If we would simply be a little more intentional we might see that God has already provided just what we are looking for.
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Fellowship ~ Advent 2018

One of the best gifts that Jesus brought with His advent is the gift of becoming a friend with God. That friendship is meant to extend to His followers. If you claim to be a Christian, this isn’t an option.
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A Unified Church

The only way a church can accomplish the mission and vision that God has given to the church is if it is a unified church. Unity is not uniformity, but it is an essential element of any church that desires to do what God has called us to do.
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Attitudes for Growth

We exercise to keep our bodies healthy. We even use brain exercises to keep our minds healthy. So, why don’t we exercise our spiritual lives? Perhaps we don’t have the right attitude…
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The Need for Unity

Advent is an interesting time of year. For most churches, Advent season will begin next Sunday. For Central, we are introducing Advent with today’s message on the need for unity. It is the path that we are called to follow if we desire God’s blessings upon our lives.
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One Fellowship

Fellowship is a wonderful blessing that we can experience as disciples of Jesus Christ. Fellowship comes about as a result of one foundation, having one standing with the Lord and realizing that we all have one result. Those three bring us to one response!
Group of friends in the park

Our Task ~ A Common Mission

We have one mission as a church, as a fellowship. That mission is to make disciples. Jesus didn’t leave us a complicated set of instructions, it is simple and not open for debate. This is only a partial recording of the sermon due to technical difficulties.
Group of friends in the park

Our Glue~Shared Experiences

We already know that fellowship requires friendship, and one thing that builds friendship is shared experiences. We are social creatures that desire personal connections, and those connections are strengthened by shared experiences.
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