Sermons on Doctrine (Page 3)

Sermons on Doctrine (Page 3)

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Being the Church ~ Obedient Warriors

Obedience is a topic we might avoid in the church. Oh, we want our children to be obedient–but we are hesitant to think about ourselves as being obedient. However, the Bible tells us that God prefers obedience to sacrifice. Even more importantly, since we are called to be warriors, we must become obedient warriors.
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Be Generous: An Act of Grace

Giving gets a bad rap–especially when churches start talking about giving. However, if we read the Bible, we find out that giving is meant to be an act of grace, and it is meant to be a normal part of the Christian experience.
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Do Good: Freedom to Act

We have been the recipients of a wonderful gift–God’s grace! In 2 Corinthians 6, Paul warns his readers not to waste this gift. Rather, they are to embrace whatever path their life takes, and act freely to share this gift with others. So, do you have the freedom to act in accordance with God’s grace?
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God’s Love

Love is an often overused word. So, when we begin to talk about God’s love, it is natural to have some misconceptions. In this last message for our Advent series, we look at God’s love, and how we ought to respond to His love for us.
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We Need Peace

Something that every human being desires is to know peace.¬† The problem is that, for most of us, peace is in short supply. We do some strange things trying to achieve peace, rarely do those things have a lasting effect. As Christians, this is a sad statement, as we have been given the peace of Jesus Christ…
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A Hope

Whenever we speak about the future, it seems like the word “hope” comes into play. While it isn’t a bad word, if we use it in place of “wish” we have a serious problem. Our hope isn’t meant to be a wish…
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Are You a Sheep?

You may not think about yourself as a sheep. The Word of God, the Bible, speaks about sheep quite often, and even uses the imagery of sheep when describing those who follow God. So, are you a sheep?
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Living Our Faith

In this conclusion to our series of messages, Living Our Faith, we have a summary of what faith accomplishes, as well as a final challenge.
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No Fear

Too many people live their lives by making decisions based upon fear. For a Christian, the only acceptable means of making decisions is to have no fear–which means letting our faith overcome our fears.
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Faith Looks Forward

Do you let past failures and mistakes determine your current path? For far too many people, this does describe how their lives play out. However, living our faith means that we must take a different path…we must look forward!