Sermons on Faith (Page 2)

Sermons on Faith (Page 2)

An Active Faith - swirling galaxy

An Active Faith ~ Remaining Faithful

One characteristic in a relationship that is always key is faithfulness. We have all seen the photographs of the working dog at the casket of their deceased partner. That image of faithfulness is poignant and powerful. What happens when we aren’t faithful? It all comes down to a very special kind of promise, and how being faithful is crucial to that promise.
Swirling, golden clouds with text superimposed - An Acive Faith, Avoiding Apathy

An Active Faith ~ God’s Love

Faith is a concept in Christianity that is central to the entire belief system.; Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Our faith is meant to be active, and in this message we will look at how God’s love ought to impact our faith.
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