"faith" Tagged Sermons

"faith" Tagged Sermons


As we continue our look at spiritual growth we have been confronted with the need for courage, and now we have to look at how that courage is put into use, by taking a risk.
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Living Faith

A dead faith can still appear to be very religious. The problem is that we were never called to be religious, we have been called to be faithful.
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It Takes Work

Getting better at something almost always requires practice–effort–work. When Paul tells the church at Philippi that they must “work out their salvation” this is what Paul is saying. We have to put effort into our spiritual growth.
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Be Generous: Giving Gracefully

Giving is always a touchy subject. The Apostle Paul made a very clear point about giving–the more you seed you sow, the greater the harvest! There are blessings when we give cheerfully, willingly and freely.
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Why, God? Disease

We all ask this question from time to time, “Why, God?” Why do we face the things we face? In this first message of the series, we will look at the reality of disease.
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Living Our Faith

In this conclusion to our series of messages, Living Our Faith, we have a summary of what faith accomplishes, as well as a final challenge.
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No Fear

Too many people live their lives by making decisions based upon fear. For a Christian, the only acceptable means of making decisions is to have no fear–which means letting our faith overcome our fears.
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Faith Looks Forward

Do you let past failures and mistakes determine your current path? For far too many people, this does describe how their lives play out. However, living our faith means that we must take a different path…we must look forward!
A man comes across an open Bible in the forest


Faith is often described as something that someone believes. While faith is certainly tied to belief, there is much more to the equation when we are talking about faith in the realm of Jesus Christ. Faith must be tied to something…
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