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Cross silhouetted against sunset

I Will

Are you an “I am” kind of person or an “I will” kind of person? As Christians, it is time for us to move from “I am” to “I will.”
Stylized heartbeat trace with a red heart

God’s Heartbeat

What is it that God’s heart beats for? What is it that God is passionate about? These questions ought to be considered by every person who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ…
Blurred image of a crowd of people

Seeing a Crowd

How do you see the people who you come into contact with every day? Perhaps the question ought to be, do you see the people you come into contact with every day?
Glowing text (He is Risen) with a flying dove

What Easter Brings ~ A Message

We have received forgiveness, reconciliation, a second chance and now we see that we have also received a message. After all, what good would an ambassador be if they didn’t have a message?
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