Why, God?

Why, God?

A man is stuck between two roads and reads his map

Why, God? Choices

Choices, we make them every day of our lives. Some of them are mundane and mostly insignificant, like what color of socks to wear. Some of them have eternal consequences, like whether or not to follow Jesus Christ. Our choices only matter if we are free to choose…
Word map of crises

Why, God? Disasters

Here’s a harsh reality–disasters happen. Disasters may be wide-spread or intensely personal. Either way, we have some choices we need to make in response to these events in our lives.
Word "disease" showing through torn paper

Why, God? Disease

We all ask this question from time to time, “Why, God?” Why do we face the things we face? In this first message of the series, we will look at the reality of disease.