Active Faith

Active Faith

Our life as disciples of Jesus can sometimes fall into apathy. How do we make sure we don’t fall into this trap and maintain an Active Faith? We’ll be looking at this by taking a journey through the Book of Malachi.

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An Active Faith

Faith is an essential, core belief for Christians. If you’ve been around a Christian church for very long, you will come into contact with that belief. However, the faith of a true Christian is supposed to be an active faith. So, how do you keep your faith active?
An Active Faith - swirling galaxy

An Active Faith ~ True Freedom

What a blessing we enjoy in America! We have, arguably, the greatest political freedom of any nation in the world. Alongside that, we have spiritual freedom that God has made available to us through Jesus. We’re going to take a look at what true freedom really entails.
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An Active Faith ~ Is God Good?

The question has been raised by many people for thousands of years, “Is God good?” While nearly every Christian, on any given day, would answer emphatically, “Yes!” there is always a day or two, a circumstance or three, that will cause even the most devout believer to ask the question. We’re not alone in this…and God has provided an answer!
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Searching for Justice

Injustice is rampant in our world, that cannot be disputed. In fact, those who study such things have stated that injustice is one of only a handful of universal human responses to the world. The source of injustice is clear, it comes predominantly from human selfishness. Obviously, the church should never be the source of injustice, and we should be at the forefront of combating injustice. The question is, how do we go about doing that?
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An Active Faith ~ Remaining Faithful

One characteristic in a relationship that is always key is faithfulness. We have all seen the photographs of the working dog at the casket of their deceased partner. That image of faithfulness is poignant and powerful. What happens when we aren’t faithful? It all comes down to a very special kind of promise, and how being faithful is crucial to that promise.
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An Active Faith ~ Honoring God

Worship has been defined any number of ways in the past. I like the definition of worship that states it is being preoccupied with God. In other words, the rest of the world just doesn’t come into the picture when we enter into worship of Almighty God. The question is, how do we get there?
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An Active Faith ~ God’s Love

Faith is a concept in Christianity that is central to the entire belief system.; Without faith, it is impossible to please God. Our faith is meant to be active, and in this message we will look at how God’s love ought to impact our faith.