Sermons on Matthew

Sermons on Matthew

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A Focused Life ~ Service

The Christian life is intended to be a focused life. If we desire to live a focused life we must determine to begin living a life that is characterized by service. Our example, Jesus, stated that this was the lifestyle that he chose…
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A New Direction

The path that we God intends us to walk is a difficult one. It is a narrow, challenging path. It requires perseverance and dedication to living the way God desires His children to live. It requires us to walk in a completely new direction…
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Why, God? Disease

We all ask this question from time to time, “Why, God?” Why do we face the things we face? In this first message of the series, we will look at the reality of disease.
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Our Task ~ A Common Mission

We have one mission as a church, as a fellowship. That mission is to make disciples. Jesus didn’t leave us a complicated set of instructions, it is simple and not open for debate. This is only a partial recording of the sermon due to technical difficulties.

Leading By Following

Father’s Day is a day to honor men who have been and are fulfilling the role of father in a family. It is a difficult challenge, and one that requires a man to carefully consider how he will lead. This message is designed to help a man determine the best way to lead his family.
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What Easter Brings ~ A Message

We have received forgiveness, reconciliation, a second chance and now we see that we have also received a message. After all, what good would an ambassador be if they didn’t have a message?
Glowing text (He is Risen) with a flying dove

What Easter Brings ~ Forgiveness

When  most people think of holidays involving giving and receiving gifts, they think of Christmas.  However, the greatest gifts were actually given at Easter; one of the biggest and best gifts man has ever received is forgiveness.
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