Sermons on John

Sermons on John

Unorthodox Places

I think that sometimes Christians get locked into a perception that God only ‘works’ in the church setting. However, it seems pretty apparent that this is NOT the case.

Hope for Tomorrow

In our current world, hope is something that seems in short supply. A global pandemic, division and hatred spurring social disturbances, and an international scene that seems on the edge of destruction. How can we have hope?


A special message from Joel McGill concerning the need for unity among the family of God and how the fruits of the Spirit are what we need for our time.

Heart for the Cross

Our journey to the heart of God has been illuminating. We have seen His heart for the hurting, for the outcasts, for the doubters, and for the faithful that need encouragement. Now, we see where the journey ends; at a cross where Jesus will die for our sins.

Heart for the Faithful

We have looked at the heart of God and how He seeks the hurting, the outcasts, and even the doubters. In this message, we see that God is also seeking the faithful, in order to help them remain faithful!

Heart for the Hurting

Even the coolest of cool kids will experience pain. They will experience hurt. No one is immune to it, and we all have to deal with it. Thankfully, our God has a heart for the hurting.

A Heart for Outcasts

As our journey to experience the heart of God continues we take a stop at a well. We see something that is eye-opening, God has a heart for outcasts!

Where Are We Going?

A good book will always reveal the general direction of the story in the early part of the account. John’s gospel is no different, as we get a glimpse of where we are going in this message.
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