Sermons on Hebrews

Sermons on Hebrews

Walk in Faith

The core of Christian life is faith. Faith is not a mindless, blind following of some fanciful ideas. Faith is based upon a relationship that leads to strong confidence and reliance. Is that what your faith is like?

Overcoming Sin

There is one obstacle that we, humans, are incapable of overcoming. That obstacle is sin. No matter what method we choose to try, we cannot overcome sin apart from Jesus. We take a look at Jesus on this Easter Sunday, and how He overcame sin on our behalf!

Don’t Quit

The process of changing, especially as it concerns our spiritual growth, is often difficult. It can, at times, seem like it is harder than something we can bear. It can be tempting to quit. However, we should never quit…
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Advent 2018 ~ Assurance

Assurance is a necessary component of our Christian life. In this first message from our Advent 2018 series, we’ll see how assurance can be built into our spiritual life. Pastor Alan shares from his living room as the local weather conditions (impending blizzard) made a service at the church out of the question.
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I Will

Are you an “I am” kind of person or an “I will” kind of person? As Christians, it is time for us to move from “I am” to “I will.”
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Living Our Faith

In this conclusion to our series of messages, Living Our Faith, we have a summary of what faith accomplishes, as well as a final challenge.
A man comes across an open Bible in the forest

No Fear

Too many people live their lives by making decisions based upon fear. For a Christian, the only acceptable means of making decisions is to have no fear–which means letting our faith overcome our fears.
A man comes across an open Bible in the forest

Faith Looks Forward

Do you let past failures and mistakes determine your current path? For far too many people, this does describe how their lives play out. However, living our faith means that we must take a different path…we must look forward!
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