Sermons on Genesis

Sermons on Genesis

A man comes across an open Bible in the forest

Faith Looks Forward

Do you let past failures and mistakes determine your current path? For far too many people, this does describe how their lives play out. However, living our faith means that we must take a different path…we must look forward!
A man comes across an open Bible in the forest


Faith is often described as something that someone believes. While faith is certainly tied to belief, there is much more to the equation when we are talking about faith in the realm of Jesus Christ. Faith must be tied to something…
A man comes across an open Bible in the forest

Walk It Out

Living our faith is a daunting task. For most Christians, we probably fail more than we succeed. Today, we’re going to look at the example that a man from long ago gave to us. His name was Enoch, and he walked with God.
An Active Faith - swirling galaxy

An Active Faith ~ Is God Good?

The question has been raised by many people for thousands of years, “Is God good?” While nearly every Christian, on any given day, would answer emphatically, “Yes!” there is always a day or two, a circumstance or three, that will cause even the most devout believer to ask the question. We’re not alone in this…and God has provided an answer!
Glowing text (He is Risen) with a flying dove

What Easter Brings ~ Salvation

Salvation can be an easily misunderstood word. It has been appropriated by Christians, and as a result it may not mean the same to Christians as it does who are not part of the Christian community. Simply defined salvation is deliverance from something bigger than you can handle…