Sermons on Galatians

Sermons on Galatians


A special message from Joel McGill concerning the need for unity among the family of God and how the fruits of the Spirit are what we need for our time.

Walk in Faith

The core of Christian life is faith. Faith is not a mindless, blind following of some fanciful ideas. Faith is based upon a relationship that leads to strong confidence and reliance. Is that what your faith is like?

The Fruits of the Gospel

What gospel did you believe in when you came to know Jesus? Was it the true gospel? If so, does your life reflect the fruits of the gospel that the Bible says we ought to be displaying?
Group of friends in the park

One Fellowship

Fellowship is a wonderful blessing that we can experience as disciples of Jesus Christ. Fellowship comes about as a result of one foundation, having one standing with the Lord and realizing that we all have one result. Those three bring us to one response!
Group of friends in the park

An Exercise in Friendship

Without friendship, there can be no fellowship. The fellowship of Christians is meant to be attractive and different from the rest of the world. Today’s message tells us how this is possible.
Believer, Follower, or Disciple?

What a Follower Does

Following Jesus Christ requires a daily choice, courage to face the cost, and consistency to make following Jesus Christ a reality every day; however, what does a follower do?