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What Easter Brings ~ Forgiveness

When  most people think of holidays involving giving and receiving gifts, they think of Christmas.  However, the greatest gifts were actually given at Easter; one of the biggest and best gifts man has ever received is forgiveness.
Believer, Follower, or Disciple?

Believer, Follower, or Disciple ~ YES!

Believer, follower, or disciple; how we describe ourselves is important.  The right answer seems to be that we are to be all of these; with the goal of becoming mature.  That’s right, we are called to grow up, spiritually speaking, into mature believers, followers, and disciples so that we can work toward accomplishing the mission we are called to be engaged with–making disciples.
Believer, Follower, or Disciple?

What a Disciple Does

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ requires us to become a zealous learner and a committed worker for His kingdom.  There is no other way to become a disciple…and since disciples are all that Jesus commanded us to make…   Due to technical difficulties, there was no video recording this week.
Believer, Follower, or Disciple?

A Disciple’s Challenge

The greatest challenge facing anyone who desires to be a disciple of Jesus Christ is the temptation to quit.  Being a disciple is harder than we can ever imagine.  There are people and philosophies that tug at us from every direction.  What is a person to do if they desire to be a disciple?
Believer, Follower, or Disciple?

What Is a Disciple?

Is it enough to be a believer in Jesus?  What about being a follower of Jesus?  What if there’s more to the equation than being a believer, or a follower…
Believer, Follower, or Disciple?

What a Follower Does

Following Jesus Christ requires a daily choice, courage to face the cost, and consistency to make following Jesus Christ a reality every day; however, what does a follower do?