Plan A Visit

Plan A Visit

Visiting in-person on Sunday: 9:30 am for Worship and 11:00 am for Life Group classes

What should you expect when you are a guest at Central Church? Below are some common questions people might have when visiting a new church for the first time:

What should I wear? The short answer is, clothes, of course! We don’t have a “dress code” at Central, instead we simply ask that everyone dress in a modest fashion. You’ll likely see people in casual slacks, both men and women, as well as a few in jeans. We simply want you to feel comfortable.

Where should I park? We have several spaces in the front of our parking lot that are reserved for guests. Feel free to park in any of these reserved spots.

Where do I go once I arrive at the church? Come right through the front doors. We normally have a couple of people greeting at the front doors, and they will be glad to give you directions once you’re in the building.

Will I be asked to “introduce” myself? Of course not. We do ask you to fill out a guest information card, but you won’t have to stand up and introduce yourself to anyone; but don’t be surprised if a few folks come and introduce themselves to you!

Do you have children’s services/nursery? Our nursery is available on Sunday mornings and is dedicated to keeping your children safe. Our nursery is available to children from birth to 24 months. After 24 months, we believe in the importance of generational worship. Our children need to see worship in action, and so we encourage parents to plan to keep their children with them during our worship service. In the future we may begin to offer age-appropriate worship activities directed at younger children.

Should I be prepared to give money? As a guest you will not be expected nor asked to give money to Central Church. We don’t “pass the plate” asking for offerings. We do have an offering box in the back of the Sanctuary where people are free to drop their offerings; we also offer online giving, for those inclined to give in this manner. The offerings are used to support the ministries of the church; however, we do not expect our guests to put anything into our offering.

What is a typical worship service like? A worship service at Central is all about focusing on the Lord. That’s what worship is about, giving honor and glory and praise to God. Our worship team uses music, Scripture, and directed prayer times to help set the tone for our worship services. Our pastor shares a message from Scripture to challenge and equip us to live as disciples of Jesus.

Please be aware that because we live stream our services, your image may be broadcast via our live stream.

Visiting via Live stream: 9:30 am on Sunday

You can find our live stream on Facebook and on YouTube at 9:30 AM on Sunday and Wednesday mornings.

Connect With Us:

We would love to hear from you, whether you attended in person or online.