Pastor’s Notes for January 25, 2021

Pastor’s Notes for January 25, 2021

What’s Happening @ Central

The Advisory Board has approved the upgrade of the audio and video systems! Items have been ordered and should be delivered this week. Once everything is in hand, we will begin removing the old components and installing the new system next week. While you may not notice any significant differences immediately, as we begin to utilize the new system’s capabilities and work more with it, I think you will begin to see the worship team becoming more polished, which should provide a better experience for everyone.

Speaking of installing the new system, I will be spending some time here at the church next week to remove the old system and get the new components installed. If you have some free time to volunteer and would like to help with this project, let me know and I will provide a schedule for when I will be working on the A/V system. We will also be conducting some training sessions for volunteers who want to be a part of the Media Team for Sunday worship times or other times when the A/V system is needed.

In the meantime, don’t forget about the opportunities we already have to serve. The Fig Leaf will be opening for distribution of clothing on Saturday, February 6th. We are still in need of hangers so if you have the means and opportunity to pick up a pack or two of hangers they would be greatly appreciated! Oh, and we can always use another volunteer or two on Fig Leaf Saturday to help with setup, serving clients, and tear down.

The remodel of the kitchen has also begun. The cabinets in the kitchen are being refinished, and the trim around the cabinets is being refreshed. This is another opportunity for volunteers to assist and serve. If you like to work with your hands, and have some free time, get in touch with Tim or Amy Smith for the work schedule on this project.

Thought for the Day

What disappoints you about your life? I know for me, personally, my ministry has provided both my most fulfilling moments and my most disappointing ones. I want to share with you, today, what ministry disappoints me the most.

First, some history about my role in ministry. It started in 1980, in the Alliance Covenant Church in Idaho Falls, ID. Sharon and I were asked to lead the Junior High Youth Group; the funniest thing was we weren’t all that much older than the youth we were ‘leading.’ The Youth Pastor and his wife were overseeing the Senior high Youth Group, as well as keeping an eye on Sharon and me.

We spent a lot of hours with the young people we were leading. We did Bible studies, played games, went to youth retreats; mostly, we just tried to connect with these young people. We stay connected to a few of these young people. Of course, they are now in their 50’s! They have children of their own that are older than they were when we started working with them. Unfortunately, many of these young people seem to have left their faith behind.

I often wonder to myself, “What went wrong?” All those hours invested into their lives and yet they have not stayed connected to Jesus. One thing I think we failed to accomplish was that our young people would come to know with full assurance who Jesus was and what He had done for them. When someone, anyone, begins to doubt Jesus it can lead to a wandering heart. Paul addressed this in his letter to Colossae. He mentions how great a struggle he was under to make sure they came to know the full assurance of knowing Jesus (Colossians 2:1-4).

If I do nothing else, for the remainder of my ministry, I pray that I can struggle for you to come to the full assurance of knowing Jesus. It is the only way that our faith can remain strong and undeterred as we seek to become disciples who make disciples.