Pastor’s Notes for February 4, 2021

Pastor’s Notes for February 4, 2021

What’s Happening @ Central

It has been a busy week at Central. Monday was the beginning of the audio and video system upgrade project. With lots of help from one of our newest members, Larry Taylor, I was able to get the old sound system removed from upstairs and from the front platform. We were even able to get some materials pre-staged for Tuesday’s schedule.

Tuesday was a long day. Larry Taylor, Tim Smith, and Mike Rodriguez helped me get the new audio system in place. This included running a new cable from the balcony to the front platform (many thanks to Tim and Mike for their work on this part of the project). Larry and Tim got the cables run on the front platform and taped down. Which left me with the task of getting the new system configured. With assistance from a friend of Joel McGill I was finally able to get the new system properly configured and operating.

Wednesday was a fun day! The new in-ear monitor system had to be configured. I spent a few hours getting it set up and ready for use. This will be a huge change for our singers and musicians, so please be patient as we adjust to this new technology!

Today was live stream day. I spent a few hours setting up the new video system getting it ready for Sunday. Those who are watching the service from home will see an immediate difference, and hopefully hear an immediate difference, as well. As we gain familiarity with the capabilities of this new system, we should be able to make the live stream even better. Along with the A/V upgrade, work has begun in earnest on the kitchen makeover. Tim and Amy Smith, Larry Starnes, and Larry Taylor have all put in time and effort on this project. When it is completed, our kitchen will look better than ever!

Don’t forget, tomorrow is a work day for The Fig Leaf from 1:00-3:00 pm. Saturday, The Fig Leaf will be open from 1:00-3:00 pm for clothing distribution. Both days provide volunteer opportunities for connection and service.

Thought for the Day

How do you handle frustrations?

I know that for myself, I have in the past not handled them very well. I always tended to belittle myself, get angry, and even get discouraged in general when things didn’t go my way. Without a healthy way to deal with frustrations, which are a part of life for all of us, they can become huge problems. They can lead to harmful, and even destructive, thought patterns and behaviors. I have had to find better alternatives.

One thing I have started doing is making more detailed, written, plans for each day. It has helped me not forget to do the important things, and it has also helped me to prioritize things much more efficiently. Also, in making these plans I have spent time praying about them. I realize that my plans must be subject to God’s overall plan. In Proverbs 16:9 (ESV) we read, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” All of my plans are meaningless unless I allow room for God to make them something that is right. There is a sense in the verse that unless God establishes our steps, they will never be prepared properly.

Here is another idea in dealing with frustrations. I know that I am not supposed to worry over things. I am also human, and therefore I tend to worry just like most other humans tend to worry over things. In talking with someone recently he had me engage in an exercise concerning my worries. He asked me what the worst case scenario was for something that was causing me concern (it was over the A/V system upgrade project). The worst case scenario was, as I thought through it, that we would be unable to complete the project in the time allotted and that would leave us without an operational sound system for Sunday. He then asked me what we would do in that case. I said we would have an unplugged service; sing without music or instruments and use my iPhone to live stream instead of the video system. All in all, it wouldn’t be a disaster. Suddenly, my worry about the whole project evaporated. Remember, “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” (NLT)