Central Church doesn’t just say we love people, we act on that love.

First, as a part of a local community, we work to show God’s love to the people in our community. Central provides team meals to the Grandview High School football team. Over the years we have gotten to know several of the players and coaches. It is a privilege to be able to pray for them. Additionally, Central provides free snacks to the Marching Band for the home football games. Since many of the Marching Band don’t have a chance to make it home before the game, the snack bags provide a little energy for the musicians. We are also partnered with the Martin City Elementary/Middle School, and provide volunteer support for the school throughout the year.

Every year, Central provides a free Vacation Bible School during the summer. The community’s children can come to a safe, loving environment and hear Bible stories, participate in crafts, receive a snack, and just be loved by some of the greatest people around.

Central’s people are also aware that there are hurting people around the world. We support missionary efforts in Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America. This support isn’t just sending money, it is hands on. Whenever possible, Central sends a team to assist missionaries in their efforts.

Finally, of course, we meet each week to worship God, learn from His word, and encourage one another. These weekly meetings are vital to our life as followers of Jesus. We meet on Sunday mornings, and Wednesday mornings. Our services are open to all…

Photo of happy family of four lying on grass during summer rest

Children & Teens Ministry

Our children’s ministry, TruthSeekers, runs from September through May, on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM.

Global Missions

  Through our association with the Missouri State Association of Free Will Baptists and the National Association of Free Will Baptists, Central actively supports missionaries throughout North America as well as internationally.  We also support the mission work of Youth With a Mission by being the home church for Joel and Naomi McGill, supporting them financially and in prayer.