Just some thoughts…

Just some thoughts…

After this past weekend I have been spending some time reflecting on a few things. Here are some observations I have from those reflections:

We were privileged to host Pastor Paul and Pastor Samuel from Cote d’Ivoire in our home on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; in our District Association meeting on Saturday evening; and in our worship service on Sunday morning. After these days and events it is once again apparent that we serve the same God and know the same Savior. Their prayer requests echo the same concerns that most evangelical believers in America have. Their messages they preached on Saturday and Sunday could have been preached from any evangelical church anywhere in the world.  The veneer we cling to in order to justify our “differences” is mighty thin!

God is so good!  Some of the needs that Pastor Paul and Samuel had were easily met here in the Kansas City stop on their tour through Missouri.  I believe they began their journey here because God knew we could meet some of their needs best.  I thank God that we were able to be a part of their journey, and help them along the way.

What a wonderful end to the service on Sunday morning, being privileged to dedicate Gary & Nicole Breshears’ baby boy, Gregory, to the Lord.  After a simple, powerful Gospel message from Pastor Samuel the dedication was a beautiful way to end the worship service.  I have never been more humbled than to be allowed to participate in such a service.

After these events of the past few days I am again reminded of just how good it is to serve the Lord.  Everyone who is saved by faith in Jesus Christ has this same obligation, to serve Him.  So many Christians give up their obligation, and give up the blessing of serving the Lord, for all of the wrong reasons.  For many, it seems that all Jesus means to them is a form of “fire insurance.”  What they fail to realize is that Jesus wants to be so much more in  their lives…He promised to bring an abundant life to us.  However, that abundant life is only experienced as we humbly and obediently serve Him.  Thank you, Lord, for the abundance you bring to my life.