Just a Thought

As I sit in my office before our Sunday School begins I can hear our pianist going through some of the songs.  Our song leader has just left after going over the music program with me and adjusting the verses.  I have put the PowerPoint slides together.  I almost said to myself, “It’s all ready.”

Thankfully, the Lord interrupted me.  I hadn’t yet prayed this morning over the service.  I usually pray for the service after I get the slides all done and the music program figured out…well, it’s never too late to do the right thing!  I am going to pray over this service, that God would use what we’ve prepared.  We had visitors with us on Friday night at the candlelight service, perhaps God is going to bring them back this morning, as well.  No accidents in God’s Kingdom, the people who are going to be here God knows about, and He has prepared us to receive them.  Let’s move forward!