Hello Blue & Gold Brigade! Thanks for dropping by and checking us out. Central Church has been providing the snack bags for Grandview’s Blue & Gold Brigade for more than ten years now, and we are proud of all that you accomplish each year.

What is a church?

To many people a church is a building. Our building has been in place for over 40 years here on Blue Ridge in Grandview. However, a church is not a building, regardless of how new or old it is, how big or small it is.

A church is people who have a common goal and vision. At Central, we have recently begun to explore what that should look like in a much more intentional way. One conclusion we have come to is that we need to be better neighbors than we have been in the past.

Thank you for letting us say hello! We hope you will allow us to get to know you better in the coming weeks!

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If you do decide to visit, and you do “check in” with us, we have a gift for you!