Christians and Pi

Christians and Pi

That’s right, it’s March 14…Happy Pi Day!  What does pi have to do with being a Christian…

First, let’s look at where pi comes from.  Pi is commonly derived by the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.  How interesting that one of the most common ways to derive pi comes from a geometric shape that has no beginning nor end.

How about the value of pi?  Most commonly you will see the value listed as 3.14159 with more or less digits included as the need arises.  When calculating the actual value of pi, however, something very remarkable becomes apparent.  Pi is, as far as we can determine, an infinite number.  It has no end.  Additionally, the digits that result from calculating pi seem to have no order, no repeating patterns.  This mathematical constant is never changing, and yet may never be completely understood or unraveled.

Where is pi used?  Well, it isn’t just used in geometry class.  This number is used in trigonometry, number theory, probability and statistics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, gravitational theory, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and many others.  In fact, pi appears in many of the scientific fields as an ever-present entity.

By now, you may see where this is going.  Pi is a constant in the universe.  It is present in unseen ways, shaping the universe in which we live.  I see, in pi, a representation of the God that created the universe.  Never changing, and never completely known or understood by us.  It is a constant, yet cannot be described using “rational” methods/numbers.  It is influencing all of the basic building blocks of the universe, yet is unseen by most.  It is never ending, but always there.

So, have a Happy Pi Day…and consider the God who set the boundaries of this amazing number!