Central News ~ March 3, 2014

Central News ~ March 3, 2014

Pastor’s Note
Here’s the latest information concerning Saturday’s break-in:

We have turned over approximately two hours of video from the security cameras to the police.  The suspects were only in the building for a few minutes before a motion sensor triggered the alarm, however they were around the outside of the building for nearly that entire two-hour time period.  With the video footage, police have some very solid evidence, as a result, they have a pretty good idea of exactly who broke into the church.  Detectives will be following up this week.

The only things stolen were my voice recorder that I used to record the sermons on Sunday mornings, and a set of keys to the church (main doors, my office, sound booth, and Sunday School office).  With the loss of the keys, we had to have a locksmith come out yesterday and re-key the main doors and the Sunday School office doors.  The other two doors will be re-keyed at a later date.  I’ll get a new voice recorder before Sunday…

The one stained-glass panel will be replaced using one from one of the back classrooms, this will allow for a consistent look in the Sanctuary.  A remodeling company will be out to give us a bid in the next day or so, and hopefully complete the repairs before next Sunday.

We have one security camera that the suspects broke, a new one will be ordered and installed as soon as possible.  We are also going to be doing a thorough review of all camera locations and whether or not we need more cameras and how to protect the existing cameras.  Also, we will be looking at increasing the number and location of the interior motion sensors so that in the future the alarm will trigger much quicker.

In a few weeks we will probably have to replace a few of the shrubs on the north side of the building, as the two suspects nearly destroyed 2-3 of the shrubs.

Now, please remember to pray for the suspects involved in this.  Let’s see what we can do to magnify God in this situation.  The two suspects are juveniles, so hopefully they will learn a valuable lesson and the Lord can be introduced into their lives through this!

I hope to see you in church soon!