Central News for September 30. 2014

Central News for September 30. 2014

Our Messages
Vital Signs ImageWe’re continuing a new series of messages entitled Vital Signs.  There are five vital signs that a Christian ought to check in their own personal spiritual journey.  These vital signs will help us determine whether or not our spiritual life is as alive as it ought to be!  It’s all found in the Book of James.  We will be looking at each of these vital signs over the next few weeks.  We’ve completed three of the five vital signs, Standing With Confidence, Serving With Compassion, and Speaking With Care.  Eight down, and about four or five to go!  How alive is your faith?

The first of the five Vital Signs is the ability to Stand With Confidence, here are the three messages in that part of the series:

How to Stand When it Hurts

How to Stand When Tempted

Standing On God’s Word

We completed the second set of messages as part of the Vital Signs series, Serving With Compassion.  Here are the messages in that series:

Serving Without Prejudice

When Faith Isn’t Enough

We’ve completed the third set of messages dealing with the third vital sign for our Christian journey, Speaking With Care:

The Impossible Task

Mission: Possible

Here’s where we start on the fourth set of messages dealing with our spiritual Vital Signs, can you Submit With Contrition?

The “Ness” Monster

What’s Happening At Central Church
TruthSeekers and PrayerLife are meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM.  TruthSeekers is designed for grades K-6.  PrayerLife is for adults, we’re currently studying the Book of Daniel.

The Advisory Board will meet on Tuesday, October 21st at 6:30 PM.

The Encourager’s Class will hold a fellowship meal on Saturday, November 1st at 6:00 PM

Missionary News
 Praise God for an excellent J’Pense on September 19th. At least 130 people—the majority unbelievers—attended. Pray those who accepted Bibles will read the Scripture with hearts ready to accept its message. Pray for Joel and Lydie Teague and the others who will follow up and lead Bible studies with many of these young adults.

BULGARIA: Ask God to provide a larger, affordable meeting place for services for Varna New Life FWB Church. Pray for a place that can be used throughout the week as well as on Sundays. Pray for Trif and Vanya and their family as they serve in this difficult place.

PARTNER MINISTRY: Jeff and Susan Turnbough are in Malaysia serving as lead trainers in a Leadership Matters Course. Jeff (and several other trainers) has experienced severe physical distress requiring multiple trips for medical assistance. The team sees this as a satanic effort to derail training since many of the 39 students will return to serve in predominantly Muslim countries. Pray God will give all the trainers strength, clarity of thought and speech, and effectiveness.

SPAIN: Pray for Spanish Pastor José Manuel, a bi-vocational pastor. Both he and his congregation have been heavily impacted by the economic woes in Spain. Pray God will demonstrate His power and provision to this small church and that they, in turn, will give Him honor and glory so others within the community recognize God for who He is.

BULGARIA: Praise God, the back to school party in Svishtov on September 13th had a great turnout. Six unchurched families were represented. Each of the four English clubs also had good first meetings. Pray for Amy Postlewaite and Lydia Awtrey as they lead these English clubs. Pray for trust to grow among Bulgarians who interact with church members and for God to move in hearts and lives to build His Church in Bulgaria.

MISSION FAMILY: Pray for former missionaries who are still adjusting to the loss of a spouse (Bobby Poole, Bessie Richards, and Anita Sparks) or who face ongoing and diverse health challenges (Jimmy Aldridge, Molly Barker, Deleen Cousineau, Cathy Crawford, Jim McLain, Bessie Richards, and Billie Sexton are just a few). Ask God to provide their individual needs and to fill them with His presence, comfort, and peace. Pray for opportunities for each of them to bring Him honor through their difficulties.

GLOBALLY: The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is November 2, 2014. Daily reports of persecution of Christians warrant prayer now. Ask God to give strength, courage, wisdom, grace, endurance, and peace to His children who face violence, imprisonment, and death because they embrace salvation through Jesus Christ. Encourage others to pray also.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge:
James 4:1-17

Bible Memorization Challenge: James 4:7–8 (ESV)…7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8 Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

Pastor’s Note
Sorry for the delay in the newsletter, I was riding with the Grandview PD yesterday and didn’t make it back into the office.

ConnectionsAs I was riding along yesterday, I was struck by just how little we appreciate that life is fragile, that life is precious, and that life is truly beyond much of our control. We make decisions every day, and give so little thought to the possible consequences. Rather than thinking through the possible outcomes, we do what feels good at the moment. Rather than allow God to have the proper place in our lives, we determine that we have the ability to decide all things for our own lives. The problem is that our decisions are inter-connected with those of the people around us. These inter-connections mean that our decisions affect those around us. Like the one accident I saw yesterday. A driver decides to turn right from the left lane of the highway…and drives the car underneath the trailer of a tractor-trailer rig. Thankfully, everyone survived. But a car was totaled, a tractor-trailer was damaged, and both drivers had their lives changed. Hundreds of other drivers had their lives put on hold, with dozens potentially endangered. Granted, it could have been much worse, but it still illustrates how connected we are…and how one decision can affect the lives of so many people. When we don’t submit to God’s authority, the outcomes are always bad.

This week, will you pray about how you’re submitting to the Lord in all areas of your life? That’s what my prayers are going to focus upon.

I hope to see you in church, soon!