Central News for September 2, 2014

Central News for September 2, 2014

Our Messages
We’re  continuing a new series of messages entitled Vital Signs.  There are five vital signs that a Christian ought to check in their own personal spiritual journey.  These vital signs will help us determine whether or not our spiritual life is as alive as it ought to be!  It’s all found in the Book of James.  The first of the five Vital Signs is the ability to Stand With Confidence, here are the three messages in that part of the series:

How to Stand When it Hurts

How to Stand When Tempted

Standing On God’s Word

We’ve begin the second part of the Vital Signs message series, Serving With Compassion. Here’s the first message in that series:

Serving Without Prejudice

What’s Happening At Central Church
TruthSeekers will begin their weekly meetings on Wednesday, September 3rd at 7:00 PM.

We will be hosting our first Football Team Dinner of 2015 on September 5th.  If you can volunteer some time to assist with this event please let Gary or Nicole Breshears know.

Have you picked up your copy of Central’s Directory?  If not, see Edwin Bowden.  He can also help you with getting access to the online version which you can access from your smartphone or tablet.

Missionary News
 Brother Carlisle Hanna arrived safely in the States on August 26th. Ask God to meet his every need. Pray for health and safety for pastors and evangelists as they travel from church-to-church and community-to-community to share the gospel and teach Christians.

JAPAN: The month of Obon (August) celebrates the return of spirits of loved ones to the earth. Although people’s spirits cannot return, the spiritual darkness and oppression is heavy on missionaries and Christians during this time. Pray for victory, hope, and love through faith in Jesus to overcome the darkness and draw the Japanese people from darkness into the light of the gospel.

PANAMA: Jorge Lopez (see July 16 Hotline) was unable to have surgery in July. He was scheduled for brain surgery Monday, September 1st, and entered the hospital last week to wean him off his Parkinson’s medications prior to surgery. The surgery is considered quite dangerous, but is considered necessary. Ask God to give strength, grace, and comfort to his family. Pray for the medical team to be guided by the Great Physician. Ask God to glorify Himself through all that occurs.

BULGARIA: The Bulgaria missionary team is in a retreat this week. Ask God to give them unity, rest, good fellowship, and creativity. Pray the churches in Svishtov and Varna benefit greatly from the united efforts of this team.

MISSIONARY KIDS: Pray for our missionary kids (MKs) as they adjust to school. Whether overseas or in the States, ask God to provide capable, caring teachers; furnish good, safe friendships; ease students’ adjustment to new cultures or schooling situations; and use these transitions to teach life lessons about true dependence on Him.

NATIONAL PASTORS: Pray for the men who have responded to God’s leading to pastor and plant churches among our works around the world. Not only do they often find it difficult to support their families through ministry, they also battle against the cultural stigma frequently attached to promoting evangelical Christianity. Ask God to give them physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. Pray difficulty and opposition will only serve to increase their desire to pursue God’s heart and Word. Pray temptation will be met with intensified determination to be fully equipped with the armor of God. Ask God to also give their wives a desire to partner in and support their ministry.

BRAZIL: Pray for K., Brazilian missionary, as she studies the Turkish language. Pray her ears, mouth, and brain will work in unison to understand, interpret, and repeat the language. Ask God to protect her and give her wisdom as she forges relationships and builds friendships.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge:
James 2:1-26

Bible Memorization Challenge: James 2:26 (ESV)…26 For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works is dead.

Pastor’s Note
It’s been a difficult week for our church family, and especially for the Clark family. I would ask that you keep the Clark family in your prayers as they adjust to this new chapter in their lives. Jim’s testimony was strong, and his family will need that and more over these coming days, weeks, months, and years. Remember, we don’t ever really “get over” the loss of a loved one. We just adjust to it. Thank you to all who helped with the family meal and the memorial service. I know the family appreciated all that was done for them.

TruthSeekersTomorrow night we start the 2014-15 TruthSeekers program. I’m excited about what this year can mean for our children through this program. Pray for all of the workers that they would have the strength to persevere when it starts getting hard. Pray that the children would have open hearts and minds to the Gospel.

This Friday afternoon will be the first of our football team dinners. If you can come and help please let Gary Breshears know. We will be feeding about 75 players plus coaches and managers.

I hope to see you in church, soon!