Central News for October 26, 2015

Central News for October 26, 2015

Central Church seeks to glorify God by bringing others to faith in Jesus Christ and seeing lives changed by teaching and living God’s truth.

Current Messages
We began our new series of messages leading up to Thanksgiving.  Did you know that there’s more to being thankful than just saying, “Thanks?”

October 25th ~ Thanksgiving Begins with Praise

Upcoming Events
The next Encourager’s Class Fellowship will be held on Friday, November 6th at 6:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall

We will be celebrating a Deacon Ordination on Sunday, November 15th in the morning worship service

The Advisory Board will meet on Tuesday, November 17th at 6:30 PM

Missionary News
Japan: Pastor Ishii, of the Bihoro FWB church in Abashiri, Japan, went to the hospital with chest pains on October 21st.  Tests revealed an aortic dissection (ruptured blood vessel in the heart) and an extremely damaged blood vessel running from his heart to his leg.  He was airlifted to another hospital several hours away for a six-hour surgery and is expected to be in a medically induced coma.  Pray for his wife Emi and their four children—13-year-old Akari, 11-year-old Tsukasa, six-year-old Manami, and three-year-old Itsuki—as they await the results of surgery.  Ask God to be with surgeons and other medical personnel as they care for Pastor Ishii.  Pray for the congregation to seek God and be faithful in “filling the gaps” over the next few months.  Ask God to use this trial to bring honor and glory to Himself.

Stateside: Please join the Mission in 30 Days of Prayer and Fasting, running October 1st—30th.  Pray, as God reveals His plan for International Missions and new horizons to explore, our hearts will be prepared to hear His voice and respond. If you are joining in a little late, you can view requests for all 30 Days or catch up on the individual requests and blogs.

The Hanna Project: Chris and Tori and their children are scheduled to depart for Spain on Tuesday, October 27th.  Ask God to superintend all the details of this last week as they finalize packing, say goodbyes, and prepare to move to Malaga.  Pray for wisdom, peace, and joy in the journey.

Japan: Mrs. Takaso entered Heaven’s glory on October 21st.  The 90-year-old became a member of God’s family in the 1990s and was a faithful member of the Iriso Church in Tokyo, Japan.  She came to Christ after attending a “joyful funeral” at the church and desired her service be celebratory as well.  Pray for Pastor Kojima as he prepares for the weekend service.  Ask God to move on the hearts of Mrs. Takaso’s unsaved family members and that they, too, will find joy and hope in Christ.

France: Praise God for the work he is doing in Gaëtan’s—a French exchange student—life.  He met Myriam Le Louarn a few weeks ago and is studying the Bible with her.  Ask God to help Gaëtan make a full commitment to salvation through Christ and to grow in knowledge and understanding of the Word.  Pray for wisdom for Myriam as she answers questions and mentors him.

Brazil: Praise God for the work He continues to do in Brazil!  On Sunday, October 18th, two young women committed their lives to Christ in the Marincek Church.  Three other people decided they were ready to follow the Lord in baptism.  Continue to pray for their young pastor, Hattus Almeida.  Ask God to solidify the church as followers of Him and give them a vision to reach their community.

Spain: Praise God for 12 first-time visitors at the Alpedrete church on Sunday, October 18th.  Pray they will return and God’s Spirit will move in their hearts to reconcile them to Himself.

Bulgaria: Nine people attended the October 14th Bible study Josh Provow began with a group of English speakers in a village with no evangelical church.  Pray enthusiasm for the study will continue.  Ask God to use this 12-week study to form a group of believers who will reach their neighbors.

Japan: Shannon Little’s father is in ICU at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville.  His lungs and heart are not functioning properly.  Pray for the medical staff as they seek to help him.  Pray Larry Little will receive relief and healing.  Pray for Shannon and her family as they wait on God and seek to glorify Him during this crisis.

Globally: October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  As you celebrate your pastor’s ministry, pray for pastors worldwide.  Most serve while working full-time jobs.  Many are ridiculed for leading a Protestant church.  Some are persecuted.  Ask God to protect them emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  Pray for time to prepare strong, biblical teaching.  Pray their family unit will be stable and healthy.  Ask God to help them resist temptation and to live godly lives filled with contentment, passion, and joy.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: Colossians 1:1-29

Bible Memorization Challenge: Colossians 1:13–14 (ESV)…13He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, 14in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.

Pastor’s Note
It was a very busy week, last week.  Let me give out some well-deserved words of appreciation:

To all of those who have been working very diligently on repairing and repainting the siding on the church, “Thank-you!”  The west and north walls look fantastic, and I know the east wall is also going to be looking great.  The care and effort to maintain the facility doesn’t go unnoticed.

To everyone who helped with last Saturday’s Pinewood Derby, “Thank-you!”  Whenever we get the opportunity to share in some good fun, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ it is a great day.

We also recently completed a lighting upgrade project on all of our outdoor lighting.  While this was a job that was completed by a contractor, I still appreciate all of the time and energy that went into investigating the options and overseeing the project.  This project will not only save us money and maintenance time, but it has also improved the outdoor lighting for the facility.

Thank-you, also, for the gift card for Sharon and I for Pastor Appreciation Month.  I am truly blessed to have a congregation like Central.  You make it very easy on me to be your pastor.

The rest of the year is shaping up to be just as busy as ever.  November and December always seem to fly by with special services, choir practices, and the usual holiday activities.  In the midst of being busy, I know I often lose track of priorities.  I substitute busyness for connection.  Let me encourage you to take the time to connect during these next couple of months.  First, and most importantly, connect to the Lord.  If we don’t get our relationship with Jesus right, then all other relationships will go wrong.  Second, connect with your family.  Cherish and enjoy your family members, even the ones who are a little bit eccentric or difficult.  Third, connect with your church family.  Perhaps now is the best time to get together for lunch after a service, or invite someone 92-1113tm-vector2-979over to share in your family traditions.  Finally, connect to the world outside.  Look into the faces of the strangers around you, and you’ll see people who are desperately seeking for something more meaningful than the best sale price for that new toy they are looking for.  Oh, that might be the most important thing in their life at this particular moment, but beyond the moment they are seeking meaning for their lives.  Don’t forget that, as Christians, we hold the answer for that search.  Take time to connect, with people, and share the Good News that you have about Jesus.  Remember, you are qualified…if you don’t believe me, then come next Sunday and listen to the message.

I hope to see you in church soon!