Central News for October 21, 2013

Central News for October 21, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013                                         A Free Will Baptist Church

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Current Messages

It’s good to be back on track!  Here are the latest messages from Central Church:

Being a Matthew ~ Nothing Special

 Why Should We Pray?

 How Should We Pray?

Being a Matthew ~ Only Look

 Being a Matthew ~ Sharing Jesus

Upcoming Events @ Central Church

The Advisory Board will meet on Friday, October 25th at 6:30 PM.

Missionary News

FRANCE: Our church in Nantes will host JCrois, an annual youth event, next weekend, October 25-27.  As they celebrate their tenth anniversary, pray the special “extras” will impact young people, confirming the faith of Christians who are struggling and drawing others to Christ.  Pray for those from the States who are participating to have safety of travel, good rapport with students, and a message that will encourage and strengthen young Christians.  Pray for those planning, preparing, and finalizing details for this strategic event.

BRAZIL: Geneva Poole had her third weekly chemotherapy treatment on October 16th.  The oncologist will evaluate her condition after this.  Ask God to be close to Bobby and Geneva, giving them His peace and strength.  Pray for His will to be accomplished in their lives.  Praise God that Geneva has been eating better and able to sleep in her bed.

MISSION LEADERSHIP: Pray for Rob Conley, director of financial operations, as he compiles and considers proposed budgets from field and stateside personnel.  Ask God to provide wisdom and insight as he seeks to find ways to reduce budgets to meet current giving.  Pray for additional regular monthly income.

BULGARIA: Pray for Amy Postlewaite and a lady from the Svishtov church as they host a children’s English club on Friday nights at the church.  Recently, almost 20 kids attended.  Ask God to give Amy and her coworker wisdom in effectively teaching and building relationships with the large crowd.  Praise God for those willing to attend.  Pray for God to use this avenue to spread the gospel in Svishtov.

JAPAN: Rusty and Brenda Carney, currently on stateside assignment, will host a Japanese couple for almost two weeks beginning October 17th.  Ask God to use their time together to strengthen relationships and further His Kingdom.

MISSION FAMILY: Pray for expectant moms Alicia Crowe (November, Japan) and Rachel (November, THP Spain).  Both Alicia and Rachel have had difficult pregnancies and deliveries in the past.  Pray moms and babies remain healthy.  Ask God to provide safe deliveries.

  • Bible Challenges

Bible Reading Challenge: John 10:1-42

Bible Memorization Challenge: John 10:14–15 (ESV)…14 I am the good shepherd.  I know my own and my own know me, 15 just as the Father knows me and I know the Father; and I lay down my life for the sheep.

Pastor’s Note

Having the use of only one arm has been a humbling experience.  I have to have help with so many things.  Tying my shoes is just one example.  I can get my socks on my feet, I can even get my shoes on; I just can’t tie the laces!  How much we take for granted in this world; especially how much we take for granted if we don’t have some disability.

Sadly, I think many Christians have forgotten a deep, spiritual truth.  In John 15:5 Jesus makes it very clear that we are completely disabled apart from Him.  We can’t do anything.  When Christ-followers start thinking they can accomplish something for the kingdom of God, yet they are disconnected from Jesus, they are deceived.  You and I will accomplish nothing for the kingdom unless we are intimately connected to Christ.  It can’t be a superficial connection; Jesus describes it as a life-giving connection.  Apart from this intimate connection, we are totally disabled, capable of doing nothing.  Yet we often act as if this intimate connection is optional.  It isn’t optional, it is essential!

Being temporarily disabled has reminded me of this truth.  I must be intimately, deeply connected to Jesus if I want to be able to do anything for His kingdom.  There is no other way to serve Him, than to be connected to Him!

I hope to see you in church soon!

Pastor Alan Kinder