Central News for November 4, 2013

Central News for November 4, 2013

Monday, November 04, 2013

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  • Current Messages

We’ve started a new series of messages on Sunday mornings.  It’s all about dealing with…life.

Dealing With Frustration

Dealing With Temptation

  • Upcoming Events @ Central Church
  • The Advisory Board will meet on Tuesday, November 19th at 6:30 PM.
  • We will be decorating the church and sanctuary on Sunday, November 24th following the morning worship service.  A pizza lunch will be provided for all of the volunteers who stay to help decorate!
  • Our Wednesday evening services on November 27th will be cancelled for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Central’s Annual Business Meeting will be held on Sunday, December 1st following the morning worship service.
  • Central’s Annual Fellowship meal will be help on Sunday, December 8th following the morning worship service.
  • Our adult and children’s Christmas programs will be held on Sunday, December 22nd during the morning worship service.
  • Our annual Christmas Eve Candlelight service will be held on Tuesday, December 24th at 7:00 PM.
  • We will not have services on Wednesday, December 25th.
  • Missionary News

BRAZIL: Praise God for a wonderful thanksgiving service Saturday, October 26th, at the Jaraguá Church in Uberlândia, Brazil, as the congregation celebrated their official organization as a church.  An 85-year-old man accepted Christ as Savior.  His wife and three of his daughters are already Christians.  Pray for the remaining daughter to accept God’s forgiveness and salvation.

FRANCE: JCrois, an annual youth event held at our church in Nantes, occurred October 25th-27th.  More than 100 young people registered for the conference.  Several youth spoke with counselors.  Pray the seeds planted will lead many students to Christ.  Ask God to strengthen young people who have struggled with their faith.  Pray they will stand strong and persevere despite opposition and ridicule from family and friends.

JAPAN: Praise God for the 30-something mom who was a first-time visitor at the Kamifukuoka church in Tokyo on Sunday, October 27th.  She accepted a Bible and evangelistic book after the service.  Pray this mom will read her new Bible.  Ask God to open her mind and heart, helping her to understand the truth of the gospel.  Pray she and her three-year-old daughter will return to worship this weekend.  Ask God to give Ken and Judy Bailey opportunities to interact with her.

MISSION FAMILY: Praise God for the safe, though early, delivery of Gabe in Spain.  A C-section was necessary, but Rachel and he are both healthy.  Pray for her to heal quickly.  Ask God to help the family adjust to their new blessing quickly.  Continue to pray for Alicia Crowe (Japan), due in November.  Ask God to protect her and her child through the final days of pregnancy and delivery.

THE HANNA PROJECT: Pray for Jenny as she awaits her renewed residency paperwork in Spain.  She is under a student visa and her residency card has expired.  Ask God to calm her spirit and to use her to share Truth in unexpected ways in the coming days.

BRAZIL: Pray for Geneva Poole as she continues her battle with cancer.  Ask God to give her strength for each day, rest in Him, comfort, and reduced pain.  Pray for Brother Bobby as he ministers to his wife.  Ask God to use Mrs. Geneva’s devastating illness to point many Brazilians to Him.

  • Bible Challenges

Bible Reading Challenge: Psalm 3

Bible Memorization Challenge: Psalm 3:3 (ESV)…But you, O Lord, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.

  • Pastor’s Note

My arm was finally freed from prison!  I was allowed to remove my brace for my shoulder last Friday.  I preached without having my arm “captured” next to my side for the first time in several weeks.  I was even able to wear real pants, as opposed to sweat pants!  What I didn’t realize was how much I would use my arm during my message.  After the service was over, I was in some pretty serious pain.  For the first time in weeks I had to take a pain pill on a day when I didn’t have physical therapy.  You see, the brace did more than just immobilize my arm.  It protected my arm from motion that could have caused damage during the healing process.  That “prison” was something that was needed, it was for my benefit.  Without it, I overused the shoulder and paid a steep price, as a result.

Last week I preached about dealing with frustration, and how most of our frustrations are self-imposed prisons of our own making.  However, there are times when the prisons that we find ourselves in are meant for our good.  Paul declared that his chains were a benefit to preaching the gospel.  As a result of his imprisonment the good news was even preached in Caesar’s own household.  Our self-imposed prisons that lead to frustration can, and should, be dismantled.  However, we must be careful not to dismantle the prisons we may find ourselves in when they are actually meant to protect us, or to help spread the gospel of Jesus even further.

I hope to see you in church soon!

Pastor Alan Kinder