Central News for May 26, 2015

Central News for May 26, 2015

Current Messages
It was good to be home and back in the pulpit I have become familiar with over these past 13 years!  We are continuing our look at who God is, In His Own Words.  Last Sunday we were reminded of just how faithful the Lord is…

5/24 ~ A Faithful God

5/10 ~ God’s Love & A Mother’s Heart

5/3 ~ Holiness Confronted

4/26 ~ What Can He Do?

4/19 ~ Knowledge = Power

4/12 ~ Some Things Can Change…

Upcoming Events
The Deacon Team will meet on Sunday, June 14th following the morning service

The Advisory Board will meet on Monday, June 22nd at 6:30 PM

Mark your calendar: We have tentatively scheduled an ordination service for Tim Smith, Gary Breshears, and Brett Daire for the 12th of July

Our annual Vacation Bible School is scheduled for August 3rd through the 7th.  If you are interested in volunteering for this year’s event, please contact Mathew or Krystal Williams or Amy Smith.

Missionary News
France: Three young people from the St. Sébastien church were baptized Sunday, May 17th.  Pray for Nathaniel, Mélanie, and Saraly as they endeavor to live a life of faithfulness.

Bulgaria: Though the Provow family did not receive visa approval by May 18th, their attorney feels there is still a chance it may be approved.  Ask God to work and move to accomplish His will.

Partner Ministries: Jeff and Susan Turnbough have been in Costa Rica leading a Leadership Matters Course (LMC).  The intensive course ended Saturday, May 23rd.  Pray those trained will return to service as more effective workers in the harvest.

India/Nepal: Continue to pray for those suffering in Nepal and North India.  Aftershocks and quakes are expected to continue for weeks.  Pray Christians will know God’s presence and power in their lives and minister to those around them.  Pray God will use this devastation to bring people to Himself.

MKs: Pray for missionary kids (MKs) as they complete their school year.  End dates vary around the world, but many students will finish in May and June.  Ask God to help them finish well, enduring to the end.

Uruguay: Pray for Steve and Lori Torrison and their girls Melanie and Abby as they prepare to leave for Uruguay on May 31st.  Ask God to help them say good-bye well and tie up all their loose ends.

E-TEAM: Ask God to superintend all the details of E-TEAM preparation.  Eleven teams will be deployed this year.  This week pray especially for members of E-TEAM Spain (Michaela Dankson, MO; Addison McCauley, AR; Ramsi Whatley, GA; Emily Hassell, KS; Hannah Hughes, GA; Samuel Pridgen, NC; Tyler Sanchez, OK; Haylee Willis, NC; and team leaders Sam and June McVay) and E-TEAM Cuba (Joshua Amos, KS; Meagan Fulcher, NC; Wil Gates, TN; Kimberly Linden, OK; Jakob Luper, OK; Whitney Noel, AR; Morgan Sevits, MO; and team leaders Eddie and LaRhonda Bowerman).  Pray for good team dynamics, hearts attuned to the Spirit, and servant attitudes.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: Daniel 9:1-19

Bible Memorization Challenge: Daniel 9:9 (ESV)…To the Lord our God belong mercy and forgiveness, for we have rebelled against him…

Pastor’s Note
What constitutes a healthy church?  That question is one that I believe ought to be asked in every church, regardless of the size of the church.  A church of 20 can be healthy, just as a church of 20,000 can be dangerously ill.  So, what is it that constitutes a healthy church?

EKG/heart graphicFirst, I believe a healthy church understands the mission that has been set before it.  Central’s mission statement comes from an understanding that what Jesus told us to do is be active in the process of making disciples.  We are to welcome them into the family of God (baptism) and then make sure they are instructed in how to properly live their lives as followers of Jesus.  The evidence of that conversion, welcoming, and teaching is that the life of a person will be changed.  How they perceive the world and their place in it will be different.  Their priorities will be different, and their walk in this world will be different.  I’m glad that we know what our mission is.  However, there’s more to church health than a mission statement.

Second, a healthy church will have a vision for how to carry out that mission in its own community, in the surrounding region, and in the world at-large.  This is where I see Central currently struggling.  We know our mission, but we seem to be having difficulty in translating that into any kind of vision for how to carry out our mission.  As a result, our efforts are often uncoordinated and therefore relatively ineffective.  We see people come to faith in Jesus at times; yet it almost seems as if it happens in spite of what we do, not as a result of what we do.  It’s accidental instead of purposeful.  Here’s where I am asking you, the people of Central, to pray most earnestly.  I cannot do this by myself, I need you to come alongside me in prayer.  I believe we are at a critical junction in the life of Central Church.  To continue as we are is to see this slow decline continue.  Without a purposeful effort to carry out our mission, we will not be effective.  We will not be healthy.

Please keep the Advisory Board, and me, in your prayers.  I am confident in the Lord and in His desire to see us be healthy, as a healthy church truly does glorify Him.  Pray that we will clearly see the Lord’s vision for His church that is called Central, here in this place.  I am considering calling for a day of prayer and fasting for the Central family later in the year; I believe we need this, let me know what you think…

I hope to see you in church soon!