Central News for March 9, 2015

Central News for March 9, 2015

Current Messages
The weather certainly cooperated yesterday! It was good to gather together once again, we miss something when we miss a chance to gather and worship together. Yesterday’s message was difficult, but it is one we need to hear in today’s world. How faithful are you?

3/8 ~ Faithful?

2/22 ~ What, Me Murder?

2/15 ~ From God to Family

2/8 ~ Just Another Day?

2/1 ~ What’s In a Name?

1/18 ~ One Right Way

1/11 ~ The Most Important Thing

1/4 ~ Why Obey?

12/28 ~ Freedom That Matters

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Calendar of Events
Central will host a baby shower for Naomi McGill on Sunday, March 15th following the morning worship service

The Advisory Board will meet on Monday, March 16th at 6:30 PM

Deacon candidates will meet with the pastor on Sunday, March 22nd following the morning service

Missionary News
 The New Life church in Svishtov sponsored a Women’s Day outreach on Saturday, March 7th. The holiday, similar to Mother’s Day in the States, allows the church to celebrate the roles women play within their local fellowship. Pray that any unsaved women who attended will be drawn to the light of Christ. Pray for Tim and Lydia Awtrey and Jonathan and Amy Postlewaite as they serve this congregation.

France: Pray for Steve and Becky Riggs. Steve’s brother Charles died after an extended illness last week. Steve returned in time to attend the funeral in Texas earlier this week. Becky continues to work with Hospice to care for her mother in Michigan. Steve and Becky were planning to begin a six-month stateside assignment in a few months and have moved that forward to begin immediately with hopes to return to Châteaubriant in September. Pray for emotional, physical, and spiritual strength for them. Pray for the Châteubriant congregation to continue to grow closer to God during their absence.

Central Asia: Alexei, a partner and leader in the work in Central Asia, appears to be losing his eyesight. Pray the doctor he sees will be able to diagnose the issue and offer a solution. Ask God to glorify Himself in this situation.

Panama: Pray for Steve Lytle. Some health issues escalated while he was in Cuba and he is currently undergoing a battery of tests to determine the cause. Pray doctors and tests will provide an accurate, conclusive diagnosis and effective treatment. Pray for strength and peace for Steve and Judy.

Japan: Continue to keep Mirial Gainer in your prayers as she battles a variety of health issues. Ask God to give her strength and peace. Pray for good opportunities for her to share what God is doing in Japan while she is on stateside assignment.

France: Robert Bryan departed for Willingen, Germany, Thursday, March 5th, for a two-week Leadership Matters Course. Robert will serve as one of the lead trainers under Joop Strietman, current CEO of our partner organization  ITA. Church and mission leaders from across Europe will participate. Pray for safety on the long train ride there and back. Pray for clarity for the trainers. Pray participants will be enthusiastic learners and will return to their ministries eager to implement the new skills and training.

Japan: Pray for the Lord to work through English classes in both Tokyo and Hokkaido. Pray each of the missionaries/teachers will shine with God’s love, joy, and grace and students will desire to know more about the gospel.

The Hanna Project: Pray for those working in France and Spain to minister to people’s needs. Pray those served will realize they need more than food, shelter, clothing, and classes. Ask God to help those serving to clearly exhibit his love and grace so others will be drawn to Him.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge:
Matthew 6:19-34

Bible Memorization Challenge: Exodus 20:15 (ESV)…15“You shall not steal.”

Pastor’s Note
I was not looking forward to yesterday’s message. Dealing with a subject like adultery is sensitive, and when we add in Jesus’ own teachings about it, we mostly come up guilty. The attitude of faithfulness is one that God has always expected from His people, so it makes sense that God would expect us to remain faithful to our spouses.

NX_burglar_flashlightfrontWhile yesterday’s message was difficult, the remaining messages in this series don’t seem to be getting any easier. This coming week we are going to be dealing with stealing. As with the previous commandments, we don’t even have to get our hands dirty to be guilty of this one.

Keep the Advisory Board in your prayers! We are dealing with many issues related to church health. These issues are complex and challenging, and it will take a unified effort in order to see Central become healthier. I am convinced, however, that the Lord we serve is mighty enough, gracious enough, and dependable enough to make such efforts fruitful. To God be the glory as we seek to build His kingdom in this place!

I hope to see you in church, soon!