Central News for March 28, 2017

Central News for March 28, 2017

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Upcoming Events

  • Maundy Thursday Service on April 13th at 7:00 PM
  • Easter Sunday service
    • Egg Hunt at 10:00 AM (will start promptly)
    • Community Breakfast following the Egg Hunt ~ 10:15 AM
    • Community Worship Service at 11:00 AM
  • Advisory Board Meeting on Tuesday, April 18th at 6:30 PM
  • Celebrate Grandview planning meeting on Monday, April 24th at 6:30 PM
  • The Pinewood Derby will be held on Saturday, April 29th
  • The World Missions Offering will be collected on Sunday, April 30th in the morning service

Missionary News
For the latest news and prayer requests about our international Free Will Baptist missionaries, click here.

For the latest news and prayer requests concerning our missionaries, Joel and Naomi McGill, we will provide an updated link as soon as possible.

Missionary Spotlight: Steve & Becky Riggs

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: 2 Corinthians 6:1-13

Bible Memorization Challenge: Genesis 49:18 (ESV)—18I wait for your salvation, O Lord.

Pastor’s Note
Wow, last week seemed extra-long, didn’t it? I know it was only seven days, but it felt like more. Some of us had rough times, others experienced great weeks. How does the same God allow some of us to walk through a valley while letting others experience a mountaintop? It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

I have to believe that God knows the seasons and cycles of life far better than we could ever hope to know them. He knows exactly what He’s doing, without any of the doubts and fears that we face. I do know that Jesus experienced what it was like to live as a human being. I do know that when he faced the death of a close friend He wept. I believe there were times when Jesus laughed heartily, even if Scripture doesn’t tell us that He did. There were weeks when things went well, from a human perspective, and there were weeks when it didn’t. Regardless of how things went from a human perspective, Jesus’ relationship with His Father remained intact and right. He never allowed circumstances to intrude into His relationship with His Father. We would do well to remember this, especially when things aren’t going very well.

Photo of hands folded in prayerWho are you praying for? More importantly, what are praying for? I have been encouraging you to pray about who you should be inviting to our Easter services. However, what are you praying for concerning those potential invitees? Here’s what I am praying for—that God would begin to prepare their hearts to receive the invitation to attend services. I am praying that God would prepare their hearts to hear the message of Easter with openness. I am praying that God would give you boldness in inviting friends, neighbors and co-workers to service. I am praying for the musicians and singers, greeters and ushers and myself that we would work together with the Spirit of God so that all those attending would sense the presence of Almighty God. I am praying for a mighty morning in Christ! What are you praying for?

As you can see, the coming weeks are filled with opportunities—what are you doing today to be the church?