Central News for March 23, 2015

Central News for March 23, 2015

Current Messages
From murder…to telling a lie? Really, God would include lying as one of His top ten things to not do? If all that you do is look at the surface of these things, it almost seems trivial. After all, there’s nothing wrong with telling a little white lie, is there? Check out yesterday’s message to see for yourself…

3/22 ~ To Tell the Truth

3/15 ~ What I Want

3/8 ~ Faithful?

2/22 ~ What, Me Murder?

2/15 ~ From God to Family

2/8 ~ Just Another Day?

2/1 ~ What’s In a Name?

1/18 ~ One Right Way

1/11 ~ The Most Important Thing

1/4 ~ Why Obey?

12/28 ~ Freedom That Matters

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Calendar of Events
Special Advisory Board meeting following the morning service on Sunday, March 29th

Central will host its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday, April 5th.  Everyone who can donate candy (must fit into the small, plastic eggs) is asked to bring their donation to the church no later than Sunday, March 29th

Choir practice on Sunday, March 29th at 5:00 PM

Advisory Board Meeting on Monday, April 20th at 6:30 PM

Missionary News
The annual conference of Free Will Baptists in India went well, with good weather for the 11,000 people camping throughout the Sonapurhat compound. Praise God for safety as people traveled and ate, slept, and met in such close quarters.  Carlisle Hanna reported 603 baptisms in 2014. Dr. Don Hanna plans to remain in India until April.

Bulgaria: Josh and Lydia Provow received news on March 17th, they need another document completed for their visas. None of the personnel with whom they have been working knew about this document and the consensus is that it is new. Pray, as the paper makes its way from one place to another, there will be no more delays. Ask God to continue to give the Provows patience and joy as they wait for His timing to depart.

Uruguay: Tammy Lancaster is suffering from temporary paralysis in her right side. Multiple tests have been done and an MRI was scheduled for Saturday, March 21st. Pray for wisdom and understanding for doctors as they review test results. Pray for peace for Jaimie and Tammy as they wait for a diagnosis.

France: Robert Bryan will completed a two-week stint in Willingen, Germany, as a lead trainer in a Leadership Matters Course and returned to France on March 21st. Pray, as participants implement their new skills, their ministries will flourish and the Kingdom of God will grow.

France: Pray for the Teagues (Joel and Lydie and Dennis and Carol) as they prepare for JPense on March 28th. Ask God to give energy, strength, vision, and creativity as they plan and coordinate with others. Pray all those who work to make the event successful will do every task “as unto the Lord.” Pray many unbelievers will attend and be drawn to the Truth.

Mission Family Health: Steve Lytle (Panama) has received some answers to his health issues, but has more appointments and a treatment plan is still needed.  Mirial Gainer (Japan) continues to battle a variety of health issues. Tom Hughes, former missionary to Brazil, is recovering from a macular hole following eye surgery. Pray for strength for each of them, wisdom for health providers, and confidence in God’s grace and love.

Persecuted Church: Pray for those around the world who suffer for believing in Jesus. Whether ostracized by friends and family, denied employment, or experienced violence, pray they will remain faithful, know the Spirit’s presence, be filled with peace that passes understanding, and always respond in a Christ-like manner. Especially remember those who survived the bombings of two church services in Lahore, Pakistan, on March 15th.

Japan: Rusty and Brenda Carney were able to meet many of their new neighbors at a neighborhood bowling meet. Pray they will be able to build relationships with many of them and demonstrate Christ to them.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge:
Luke 22:20, 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, 2 Corinthians 3:6-18

Bible Memorization Challenge: Exodus 20:17 (ESV)…17“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male servant, or his female servant, or his ox, or his donkey, or anything that is your neighbor’s.”

Pastor’s Note
When I played baseball, I was never very good at hitting curve balls. That’s why I quit playing baseball (among a few other factors). When I started facing pitchers who were capable of making that ball do things that didn’t seem natural, and I started swinging the bat at anything that even remotely looked like it might be near the strike zone, it was time to quit. I was getting embarrassed at the plate. I could catch the ball, I could run the bases, I could throw the ball. I just couldn’t hit the ball. When you can’t hit, you’re a liability to the team. My coach didn’t need to tell me, I knew the truth.

In reality, I just needed to keep at it, and let my coach do what he was good at…coaching! I could probably have learned how to hit a curve ball. I may not have been very good, but I would have gotten better if I had stayed with it. The same is true in our lives. Just when we think we have God figured out, He throws us a curve ball. We look at life approaching us too rapidly, and we make a desperate swing. We miss badly and we are embarrassed by our effort. Why would God allow such a thing to happen to us? I was reminded again, yesterday, why God allows things into our lives that seem overwhelming to us. He is in the process of coaching. The goal of His coaching is to produce people who reflect the image of His Son, Jesus. If we’re going to do that, we will need to face some things that are beyond our ability to cope. We may need many opportunities to exercise our faith in God, so that He can coach us through those moments. Our goal is to stick with Him, no matter what, so that He can coach us.

Be SatisfiedNext week we’ll be looking at the last of the Ten Commandments. It is kind of a catch-all; it deals with many of the things that we have already dealt with in the previous four commandments. In concluding His Top Ten list, God brings all of our requirements for life in our community to a single commandment. If we would simply learn to follow this commandment, then most of our problems with other people would simply disappear. If only we could learn to be satisfied…

I hope to see you in church, soon!