Central News for March 10, 2014

Central News for March 10, 2014

Our Messages
We started a new series of messages yesterday.  Over the next few weeks (until Easter) we will be taking a look at the words of Jesus that He spoke while on the cross.  I think it’s going to be powerful!

Father, Forgive Them

What’s Happening At Central
This coming Saturday, March 15, at 3:00 PM, we will have emergency response training for all Sunday School teachers and ushers.

On Sunday, March 16, following the morning service, anyone interested in promoting the Pinewood Derby is invited to stay after service and help pass out flyers in the neighborhood around the church.

Central’s Pinewood Derby will be held on Saturday, March 29…entry is free!

We will collect the annual World Missions Offering on Sunday, April 27 in the morning worship service.

On Wednesday, April 30, the Watoto Children’s Choir will be at Central Church.  We still need several host homes for this event (2-3 children plus an adult sponsor in each home).

Missionary News
 Missionary Carlisle Hanna begins his return trip to India today, March 5.  Pray strength, safety, and good health will accompany him.  Indian Free Will Baptists will gather for their national convention in Sonapur, March 13-16.  Ask God to give guidance, strength, and clarity to those preparing for this event.  Pray for safety as thousands travel to attend.  Ask God to move mightily, encouraging and edifying all who are present.

Panama: Keila, Pastor Rolando Delgado’s wife, has experienced severe intestinal issues for about a week and was admitted to a hospital in Panama City, Panama.  Doctors have waffled as to cause and treatment.  She is scheduled for surgery today (1:00 p.m. EST).  Doctors anticipate an appendectomy.  Pray for Keila and her family to know God’s presence and peace.  Ask God to guide the surgeons and to bring her through safely.

Japan: A 29-year-old Canadian businessman accepted Christ as Savior, on March 1, in Japan.  Pray he will grow in his faith and understanding of the Word.  Ask God to use him to share the gospel with his business contacts.

Panama: Praise God for the five students enrolled in the Chame seminary in Panama.  Ask God to continue to lead these five, to meet financial and spiritual needs, and to give them diligence and enthusiasm in their studies.  Pray more young people will respond to the opportunity for strong biblical and theological training.  Classes begin Tuesday, March 11, following Monday’s orientation.  Pray for those teaching and coordinating this ministry.

Bible Institutes: Bible institutes train Free Will Baptist leaders and pastors in Panama, Brazil, India, Cuba, Russia, South Korea, Pakistan, and Côte d’Ivoire.  Some students work full-time jobs, while juggling family and church responsibilities with school.  Ask God to give them balance, perseverance, dedication, and concentration as they pursue their understanding of the Bible and Him.  Pray for those teaching to communicate biblical truth clearly and correctly.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: Mark 9:1-13

Bible Memorization Challenge: Mark 10:15 (ESV)…Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.

Pastor’s Note

What are you willing to sacrifice in order to see someone come to faith in Jesus?  You probably haven’t given it much thought before, but how much is it worth to have someone receive Christ?  Would you give up TV for a week?  A month?  The rest of your life?  If it meant that one more person that you knew would accept Jesus as their Savior would you give it up?  Most Americans never sacrifice anything for the Kingdom of God.  We are so “rich” that we never consider that we are really poor (spiritually speaking).  We have so much, materially speaking, that we never see the spiritual needs around us.

I recently challenged the Advisory Board to spend some time in prayer and fasting as we approach this month’s meeting.  Would you be willing to sacrifice a little time to spend in prayer and fasting for the Advisory Board?  For me?  Pray that we would have hearts and minds attuned to the voice of God, pray that we’d listen for Him, and listen to Him!  I believe the Lord wants to use Central to accomplish something in the community.  We just need to listen and obey so that we would know what that something really is.

I hope to see you in church soon!