Central News for June 23, 2014

Central News for June 23, 2014

Our Messages
Yesterday we had Bro. Chris Sargent with us, and I forgot to put the voice recorder on the pulpit…therefore we don’t have a message from yesterday’s service.

What’s Happening At Central Church
Vacation Bible School starts tonight, June 23rd,  at 6:30 PM.

Due to Vacation Bible School we will not have our regular Wednesday evening services on June 25th.

The Advisory Board will meet on Monday, July 21st at 6:30 PM.

Missionary News
E-TEAM: Pray for E-TEAM students and leaders as they have concluded their training and have departed for their various fields of service.  Pray for unity, flexibility, attitudes of service and humility, good health, and true teamwork as teams hit the ground running.  As missionary and international hosts handle last-minute details, pray God will infuse their spirits with His peace and help each one to trust Him for the work He will accomplish through E-TEAM ministry.

Spain: Praise God for the baptism of two young people in the Alpedrete congregation in Spain.  Almost 50 unsaved family and friends witnessed the testimonies of these youth and heard the gospel.  Pray each word spoken will continue to resonate in their hearts and they will be challenged to consider the gospel’s personal application in their lives.

Panama: Praise God for the five people baptized in Bocas del Toro on Saturday, June 14th.  Thank Him for Stephanie’s faithful witness to family and friends.  Pray God will continue to grow the faith of these young people and a church will grow in this remote village.

Globally: Many churches around the world are experiencing summer, like their counterparts in the States.  Ask God to encourage church members to be faithful.  Pray Vacation Bible Schools and other outreach events will be well attended.  Pray many children and adults will hear and understand the gospel.

Japan: Pray for physical and spiritual strength for Ken and Judy Bailey as they serve in Tokyo.  Pray especially for Ken as he counsels Mr. S.  Ask God to give wisdom and grace.  Pray for all those participating in the Kamifukuoka Church to be grounded in their faith and to be moved to share the gospel with others.

Bulgaria: Pray for Trif and Vanya as they plan the logistics and advertise a music and English club in July.  Pray many children will respond and they and their parents will be introduced to New Life Church in Varna.

Panama: Praise God, the paperwork for accreditation of the Chame seminary to the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA) was accepted.  The review and evaluation process will take from four to eight months.  Pray for approval so graduates of the seminary will have a recognized degree.

Partner Ministries: Pray for all those who work in difficult places with partner ministries.  Ask God to give them health, grace, perseverance, flexibility, understanding, and dependence on Him.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: Philippians 3:1-21

Bible Memorization Challenge: Ephesians 6:10 (ESV)…10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.

Pastor’s Note
Weird Animals VBS logoI am excited…Vacation Bible School starts tonight!  Once again we will have 30-50 children running through the hallways, giggling and laughing, hearing about Jesus.  That last part is what I get excited to think about.  That these children can hear about Jesus.  Think about it, we will have an opportunity to share with these children about who Jesus is, and what He’s already done for them.  I spent some time this morning praying for our VBS, for the children who will be here, and for all of the workers.  VBS isn’t just a time for fun and games, crafts, and snacks.  It is a time for changing lives for eternity.

Of course, that’s what evangelism is really all about.  Changing lives for eternity.  We get to play a part in the greatest conquest in all of history; the conquest of sin and death by the grace of God displayed through Jesus Christ.  Our part is sharing that story, as it relates to our own lives.  That’s the best form of evangelism I can find, sharing what Jesus has done for us…on a personal level.  That doesn’t require a degree in theology or Biblical studies.  It doesn’t require us to polish some rehearsed points, it simply requires us to share with others in our lives what Jesus has done for us.

I hope you’re praying for VBS this week.  The impact of changing a life for eternity is an awesome thing.  Your prayers will be needed!  I also hope you’ll consider how you can share the Good News with someone this week.

I hope to see you in church, soon!