Central News for June 15, 2015

Central News for June 15, 2015

Current Messages
Unfortunately, in recording our sermons, there is a potential single point of failure.  If the preacher doesn’t hit the “RECORD” button on the voice recorder…there isn’t a voice recording to upload.  Yesterday, the preacher forgot to hit the button, so for now there isn’t a recording of the sermon.  We have a commitment to record the message at a later time this week…

6/7 ~ Who Cares For You?

5/31 ~ A Merciful God

5/24 ~ A Faithful God

5/10 ~ God’s Love & A Mother’s Heart

5/3 ~ Holiness Confronted

4/26 ~ What Can He Do?

4/19 ~ Knowledge = Power

4/12 ~ Some Things Can Change…

Upcoming Events
The Advisory Board will meet on Monday, June 22nd at 6:30 PM

Central Church will celebrate an ordination service for Tim Smith and Brett Daire (Gary Breshears will occur at a later date) on Sunday, July 12th during our morning worship service

Don’t forget, Vacation Bible School is rapidly approaching.  Mark your calendars ~ August 3rd through August 7th.  Volunteers are still needed.  Contact Amy Smith, or Mathew or Krystal Williams for more details.

Missionary News
Panama: Praise God for the 37 children who participated in three days of Bible classes in Pocrí, a town with no evangelical Christian witness.  Lázaro and Ariadna Riesgo led a team from several churches that worked together to witness to the 1,000 inhabitants of the village.  Pray for continued efforts to share the truth with this town.  Efrain Gonzalez, pastor of the Las Tablas FWB Church, will lead another effort in early July.  Pray adults will be willing to participate, too.

Bulgaria: Pray for the Bulgaria church planting team: Tim and Lydia Awtrey, Jonathan and Amy Postlewaite, Josh and Lydia Provow, and Trif and Vanya Trifonov.  Ask God to encourage and strengthen each team member.  Pray for good health for children and parents.  The Provows still await word on their visas.  The Trifonov family will travel to the States the end of June.

The Hanna Project: Chris and Tori have completed their two-months of intercultural training in North Carolina.  Pray they will receive the balance of their funding quickly (they are at 95%!).  Pray also for the visa process.

Panama: Steve and Judy Lytle are in Panama for a 10-day visit that began on June 6th.  Pray especially for Steve as he teaches a modular course for four hours each day, Monday through Friday.  The Lytles will also minister in four churches during their stay.  Ask God to give them strength and stamina.

Uruguay: Continue to pray for Jaimie and Tammy Lancaster as they work with doctors on Tammy’s treatment and continue to allow her to rest and regain her strength.

E-TEAM: Eleven teams will deploy this year.  This week pray especially for members of E-TEAM Hokkaido (Faith Davis, TN; Jacob Houske, TN; Avery Jones, OK; Whitney Moody, MS; Mariah Moore, KS; Esther Smith, IL; EmmaRae Spencer, KY; Macy Webb, AL; Rachel White, VA; James Alonso, NC; and team leaders Tim and Terri DeCresie), E-TEAM Jaboticabal (Dalton Alvis, PA; Kylee Edgmon, TN; Annabelle Ellis, TN; Courtnee Hoskins, MO; Talynn Glasgow, AL; Kaylin Ridgeway, SC; Benjamin Weese, NC; Emily Wise, TN; and team leaders Scott and Katrina Gailey), E-TEAM Limeria (Noah Anderson, OK; Leann Cherry, NC; Madelynn Crawford, AR; Emily Elkins, TN; Kaylee Hatcher, GA; Kaitlyn Ledbetter, KS; Emily Petty, IL; Thomas Smith, SC; and team leaders Jay and Nancy Griffin), and E-TEAM Tokyo (Jacklyn Grizzle, VA; Alli Bonnema, AR; Cheyenne Dunavent, KS; Baylea Freeman, VA; Daniel Lindsay, AL; Isaiah Penn, IN; Victoria Thomsen, TN; Kelsey Wallace, NC; and team leaders Matt and Courtney Lindsey).  Students arrived and began training on Thursday, June 11th.  Pray for good team dynamics, hearts attuned to the Spirit, and servant attitudes.  Pray for Hanna Mott, E-TEAM coordinator, as she works to make this year’s E-TEAM an effective, life-altering ministry for students and leaders.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: 1 Chronicles 16:8-36

Bible Memorization Challenge: 1 Chronicles 16:34 (ESV)…Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!

Pastor’s Note
I had to have a dental crown put on a tooth this morning, thankfully, without the usually associated root canal!  It was fascinating to listen to my dentist describe the process to me.  Part of the process, the casting of the permanent crown, uses technology that is over 5,000 years old.  Lost-wax (investment) casting has been around for millennia.  Examples have been found in ancient Egyptian treasures.  In fact, I watched several How It’s Made episodes with my grandson this past weekend that included the use of this process for making sculptures.  Here are a couple things we can learn from this:

Our definition of permanent is funny.    The temporary crown I have today is only meant for 1-2 weeks.  In researching the use of dental crowns I found out that the permanent crowns only have an expected lifespan of 10 years!  Apparently, permanent doesn’t mean what I thought it meant.  I’m glad that my salvation is something that will lead to a permanent salvation in eternity.

While the whole process of creating a dental crown seems complicated, it is actually pretty simple.  It starts with a rubber mold of my teeth, that will be turned into a wax casting of the rubber mold.  This, in turn, will be turned into a ceramic mold of the wax casting, which will finally be used to create the metal casting that will be my new crown.  While the whole process of our salvation may seem complicated with theological words, it really is pretty simple.  Jesus substituted Himself for our punishment, and we can receive His right standing with God when we place our faith in Him.  While all of the steps must be followed, none of them are exceptionally complicated.

Good Better Best KeysHere’s where I think this leaves us, God is good!  This coming Sunday, Lord willing, I will be preaching about His goodness.  Since it is Father’s Day, what better quality of God to look at than His goodness.  Have a great week…I hope to see you in church soon!