Central News for July 11, 2016

Central News for July 11, 2016

Our vision is simple: Central Church will strive to be the neighborhood church that supports your family’s journey as you seek God’s will.

Recent Messages
We’ve started a new series of messages titled, Living in Crisis Mode.  Whether we realize it or not, that’s where most of spend the majority of our time.  In reality, we ought to be spending nearly all of our time there…

The Universal Crisis

Upcoming Events
Due to all of the preparations for the upcoming convention, there will be no services this coming Wednesday evening, July 13th.  Due to the National Convention, we will not have a mid-week service next week, on July 20th.  Everyone is encouraged to attend the concluding worship service at the Kansas City Convention Center.

The National Association of Free Will Baptists will hold its annual meeting July 17-20, 2016 in Kansas City, MO ~ Click here for more information or to pre-register

Here’s a sample of the seminars being offered at the convention this year:

  • Revitalizing Your Church Through Word-Driven Ministry
  • Worldview, Ethics and Engaging the Culture
  • Teaching Foundational Apologetics to Students
  • Youth Ministry in an Age of Distraction
  • The Extra Hour: How to Make the Most Out of Children’s Church

These are just some of the seminars offered on Monday of the convention…there are dozens more on Tuesday and Wednesday!

The Advisory Board will meet on Monday, July 25th at 6:30 PM

Vacation Bible School is just around the corner—August 1st through the 5th!  See Amy Smith, Krystal Williams, or Mathew Williams for more details or to sign up as a volunteer

Here are a couple other events coming up to put on your calendar:

  • Friday, August 19th, benefit concert here at Central Church with the band, Blank Pages
  • Saturday, October 22nd, Central will be providing water/fruit for the Fill the GAP 5K

Missionary News
For the latest news and prayer requests about our Free Will Baptist missionaries, click here.

For the latest news and prayer requests about our missionaries, Joel and Naomi McGill, click here.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge:
Luke 2:1-32

Bible Memorization Challenge: John 1:14 (ESV)…And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Pastor’s Note
I’m reminded of a story about a Chinese man and the (mis)fortunes that he experienced.  A wise old Chinese gentleman lived on the troubled Mongolian border. One day his favorite horse, a beautiful white mare, jumped the fence and was seized on the other side by the enemy.  His friends came to comfort him.  “We’re so sorry about your horse,” they said.  “That’s bad news.”

“How do you know it’s bad news?” he asked. “It might be good news.”

A week later, the Chinese gentleman looked out his window to see his mare returning at breakneck speed, and alongside her was a beautiful stallion.  He put both horses into the enclosure, and his friends came to admire the new addition.  “What a beautiful horse,” they said.  “That’s good news.”

“How do you know it’s good news?” replied the man. “It might be bad news.”

The next day, the man’s only son decided to try riding the stallion.  It threw him, and he landed painfully, breaking his leg.  The friends made another visit, all of them sympathetic, saying, “We’re so sorry about this.  It’s such bad news.”

“How do you know it’s bad news?” replied the man.  “It might be good news.”

Within a month, a terrible war broke out between China and Mongolia.  The Chinese recruiters came through the area, pressing all the young men into the army.  All of them perished—except for the Chinese gentleman’s son, who couldn’t go off to war because of his broken leg.  “You see,” said the gentleman, “the things you considered good were actually bad, and the things that seemed to be bad news were actually for our good.”

Or, as Hudson Taylor once put it:

Ill that God blesses is our good,
And unblest good is ill.
And all is right that seems most wrong
If it be His sweet will

The things that we see happening around us may, at times, have the appearance of being bad.  At times, we may see the events around us unfolding and think that they are good.  In reality, we rarely can tell the difference while in the midst of the event itself.  I say this because we are in the midst of circumstances that, at the present, we don’t know if they are good or bad.  Here’s what we do know—our Family Outreach Festival is not going to happen this coming Saturday.  We were unable to secure the necessary things in order to make this event a reality.  On the surface, we would look at this and say it is a bad thing, however, we don’t really know if that is true.  There may be another opportunity to accomplish something even better this coming Saturday.  I will be sending out more information later this evening, after a meeting with some folks from around the community.

I am excited by the opportunities that the Lord has brought before us for the next few months to reach into the community and try to share the Good News with more people.  Pray for these upcoming events, the concert in August and the race support in October.  If you’re willing to help with the concert on August 19th please talk to me (Pastor Alan).  Several folks will be needed to help set up and tear down alongside the band, we need to provide security in the parking lot during this event, and we’ll need “hosts” within the building to point people in the right direction.  If you can help with the GAP 5K race support on October 22nd please talk to Luis Guzman.  He will need plenty of help setting up the morning of the race, handing out water and fruits, and then help cleaning up and getting everything back to the church.

Please, also, pray as I continue to work on this series of messages for the coming weeks.  I believe the Lord is preparing to work a mighty work in our midst!

I hope to see you in church soon!