Central News for January 23, 2017

Central News for January 23, 2017

Our vision is simple: Central Church will strive to be the neighborhood church that supports your family’s journey as you seek God’s will.

Recent Messages
Are you a believer in Jesus Christ?  What about being a follower of Jesus Christ?  Would you consider yourself a disciple of Jesus Christ?  Does it even matter which of these you use to describe yourself?  Over the next few weeks we’re going to be looking at each of these, and try to determine if there is difference, and if it matters to us.

January 8th ~ What Is a Believer?

January 15th ~ A Believer Acts!

January 22nd ~ What Is a Follower?

Upcoming Events

  • Our mid-week morning service will be moved to 11:30 AM this week due to scheduling conflicts
  • The Greater Kansas City District Association of Free Will Baptist’s annual business meeting will be held on Saturday, February 4th at 10:30 AM at the Belton FWB Church
  • The Advisory Board will meet on Thursday, February 16th at 6:30 PM

Missionary News
For the latest news and prayer requests about our Free Will Baptist missionaries, click here.

For the latest news and prayer requests about our missionaries, Joel and Naomi McGill, click here.

Our missionary spotlight this week is upon Shannon Little, missionary to Japan since 2004.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: Matthew 10:16-42

Bible Memorization Challenge: Matthew 10:39 (ESV)—Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

Pastor’s Note
Well, we did something a little different yesterday.  We live streamed our service using Facebook Live.  You can see the video here, if you missed it yesterday.  The audio quality leaves something to be desired; so, we must work on ways to improve it.  The video had 476 views; however, the average viewer only watched 37 seconds.  Only one or two people watched the entire video.  If we were paying for this, I’m not sure we could justify too much expense.  The good news is that, so far, we haven’t spent a penny to make this happen.  Hopefully, we can solve the audio issues without too much expense.  You may notice that the video appears to be a reverse image, and it is.  That is a result of using the forward-facing camera on my iPhone instead of the camera on the back of the iPhone.  We’ll try and fix that in the next edition!  I intend to continue doing the live stream, as often as possible, for those who can’t make it to the service to have an opportunity to participate.

I am encouraged by the most recent Advisory Board meeting.  We are looking at ways to address church health in a positive manner.  We took a survey that we also took over a year ago, and the results show an improvement in nearly all areas.  Now we want to try to validate those survey results.  So, don’t be surprised if you get a request to take a survey.  The Advisory Board wants to see if our perceptions match the congregation’s perceptions of how we are doing.  If you do receive a request, please complete the survey and return the results to me.  You do not need to put your name on the survey if you desire to remain anonymous, just slip it under my office door.

This coming Sunday I will be preaching on what a follower of Jesus Christ does.  As yesterday’s message made clear, a follower must act; this coming Sunday we’ll see how a follower ought to be acting!

I hope to see you in church soon!