Central News for January 20, 2015

Central News for January 20, 2015

Current Messages
How do you define worship? What if I told you there was only one right way to worship God? You might get angry, you might be challenged. That’s this week’s message:

1/18 ~ One Right Way

1/11 ~ The Most Important Thing

1/4 ~ Why Obey?

12/28 ~ Freedom That Matters

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Calendar of Events
The next Advisory Board Meeting will be held on February 16th at 6:30 PM.

Missionary News
 Carlisle Hanna is scheduled to leave for India today, January 20th.  Ask God to give him strength to prepare for the trip and for the long journey itself.  Brother Carlisle carries a heavy load in India and will need to almost immediately travel to South India to address some issues. Ask God to grant wisdom, energy, discernment, and grace to continue to accomplish all He desires.

Japan: Josh and Alicia Crowe and their three girls have tickets to depart for Tokyo, Japan, on January 20th. Although their visas have been issued, they were sent to North Carolina after the family had left. Weather has delayed their delivery. Pray they will receive the visas quickly and all will go well with their flights.

Panama: Praise God for the “passing of the baton” from the Mission to the Panamanian Association this past weekend. Ask God to continue to give wisdom and direction to the Panamanian leaders and pastors. Pray their zeal for reaching the lost will endure, their passion for training and discipleship will persist, and their pursuit of holiness will remain strong.

France: Pray for Becky Riggs and her sister as they seek to determine the best care for their 93-year-old mother who is quite ill. Pray for wisdom and peace.

Bulgaria: Pray for Trif and Vanya Trifonov and the New Life congregation in Varna as they prepare and move to a facility that will allow them to meet throughout the week. Ask God to provide all their needs for furniture, sound equipment, etc. and to fill the new location to capacity.

France: Pray for Robert and Judy Bryan to find a suitable, affordable house near the St. Sebastien church. Pray the process for turning in notice to their current landlord, being approved to rent a different home, etc. will be smooth and uncomplicated. Pray for safety for Robert and Judy as they spend much time traveling for church responsibilities.

Brazil: Pray for Pastor Walter and Gilka Almeida as they continue to work to plant a church in Limeira. Pray God will help them endure despite setbacks and give them fruit for their labor.

Japan: Miriam Bishop gave birth to Hazel Rose Akemi (7 lbs., 13 oz.; 20.5 in.) her third child on January 12th. Praise God for a safe delivery. Pray for Doug and Miriam, as well as Hazel’s brother Oliver and sister Scarlett, as they adjust to a newborn in the home.

Mission Family: Steve and Judy Lytle’s daughter-in-law Bethany (also Brooke Turnbough’s sister) entered the Lord’s presence early Thursday, January 8th. The funeral was Saturday, January 10th. Pray God’s grace, strength, and peace will sustain Bethany’s husband David, their three young children, her siblings Brooke and Brandon, mom Debbi Sexton, and other family members. Pray for wisdom and clarity as David makes decisions concerning moving, Isaac’s schooling, employment, etc. Ask the God of all comfort to meet all their needs.

Stateside: Pray for God to give us a strong financial start to the year. Pray for churches and people who have never supported the Mission to be moved by God to both give and pray. Ask for regular, monthly support to increase steadily. Ask God to give safety to missionaries and office personnel as they travel and share their hearts with churches and groups in harsh winter conditions.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge:
Exodus 19:1-25, Exodus 24:1-11

Bible Memorization Challenge: Exodus 20:7 (ESV)…7“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.”

Pastor’s Note
First, I need to share a request with you:
Patty Brown’s family (a niece) in Kentucky has suffered the loss of a home through a fire. Her two small children are without clothes, other than what they were wearing. Red Cross is helping, but I was wondering if anyone in the church has girls 2-3T clothes, and boys 3-4T clothes that they would be willing to donate. Bring your donation to the church and we’ll get them to Patty, who will get them to Kentucky.

fire-icon_fykE9YK_I’m looking forward to a great week. I will be attending a conference in Birmingham, AL that is focused on helping congregations rekindle the flame of serving, evangelizing, and building healthy congregations. Central Church isn’t on life support, but we have several areas that are in need of attention. Specifically, the Advisory Board (myself included) see the areas of Evangelism, Discipleship Training, and Missions as areas that are not as healthy as they need to be. This conference is one way to seek improvements so that we can become the healthy, vibrant congregation that God desires. Please pray for me during this conference that I will hear the voice of the Lord. Also, be in prayer for Joel McGill as he fills the pulpit this coming Sunday.

I hope to see you in church, soon!