Central News for February 16, 2015

Central News for February 16, 2015

Current Messages
We’re continuing our series of messages, Tablets & Their Apps.  This week we took a look at the fifth commandment; the requirement to honor our parents.  This commandment carried the death penalty in the Old Testament for disobedience…

2/15 ~ From God to Family

2/8 ~ Just Another Day?

2/1 ~ What’s In a Name?

1/18 ~ One Right Way

1/11 ~ The Most Important Thing

1/4 ~ Why Obey?

12/28 ~ Freedom That Matters

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Calendar of Events
The Advisory Board will meet on Monday, February 16th at 6:30 PM

Central’s deacons and deacon candidates will meet on Sunday, March 8th, following the morning service

Central will host a baby shower for Naomi McGill on Sunday, March 15th following the morning service

Missionary News
Pray for Steve Riggs as he teaches a doctrines class at St. Sébastien (Mondays) and St. Nazaire (Wednesdays). Ask God to give him clarity and insight as he teaches. Pray all those attending will be grounded in their faith and better equipped to “give an answer” to those who question their faith. Continue to pray for Becky as she ministers to her mom in her last days.

Japan: Praise God, Heath and Joni Hubbard graduate from language school next Friday, February 20th. As you thank Him for this milestone, also pray for the Hubbards as they prepare to move their family from Sapporo to Tokyo in March. They will work with the Baileys at the Kamifukuoka Church for the next year or so. Ask God to give the children (Eli, Micah, and Emma) an easy transition.

India: Ask God to grant wisdom, energy, discernment, and grace as Carlisle Hanna deals with some issues in South India. Although he had planned to make the trip earlier, he will leave Thursday, February 12th, to go to Mettypalayam in South India. While there he will also participate in the ordination of three men. Praise God for these three and pray many more men will answer the difficult call and prepare to serve God in this way.

France: Robert and Judy Bryan have signed the paperwork to rent a house near the St. Sébastien church. Ask God to be with them as they submit the rest of the paperwork and to work out all the details. If all goes well they will be able to move in about a month.

Brazil: Continue to pray for K., the young lady from the Nova América church serving as a missionary in Turkey. Ask God to protect her, give her progress in the language, provide encouragement and peace, resolve her visa renewal issues, and continue to meet her financial needs through the Campinas churches that support her.

The Hanna Project: Pray for Jenny, Mick, Rachel, Matthew, Brooke, Shane, and Joy as they serve immigrants in Spain and France. Pray God will use their service to draw people to Himself. Pray for good health, joy in everyday life, opportunities to tell His story, and strength for each day. Pray also for those who partner with them in these endeavors.

Stateside: Pray for at least 900 churches to participate in this year’s World Missions Offering (WMO) in April. Currently, less than 50 churches have indicated they plan to participate. Pray many individuals and churches will also commit to give monthly to the task of world evangelization. Ask God to move on the hearts of Free Will Baptists so Free Will Baptist missionaries can labor overseas without financial concerns.

Partner Agency: Pray for those serving as teachers in Asia. Pray they will be the best teachers, helping students achieve academic excellence. Ask God to help them build good relationships with students and to share Truth with those whose hearts are prepared to receive it.

Bulgaria: Josh and Lydia Provow are ready to depart for Bulgaria, but still have not received their visas. Pray this time of waiting will be productive. Ask God to facilitate the visa approvals in His time and way.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge:
Exodus 20:1-17

Bible Memorization Challenge: Exodus 20:13 (ESV)…13“You shall not murder.”

Pastor’s Note
What is prayer? In its simplest definition, prayer is communication with God. It can be vocalized, outwardly, or it can simply be our thoughts. It can be done sitting, standing, kneeling, or lying down. Posture isn’t nearly as important as attitude. For communication to occur, three things, at least, are necessary.

Pray Computer Keys Showing Worship And ReligionThe first is that there must be a desire to communicate. God has declared that he will hear from His people who are righteous. Thankfully, through Jesus Christ, we can be declared righteous. This means that God is always willing to hear our prayers.

The second is that there must be some level of sharing involved. In other words, we must determine to have the same attitudes and thoughts that God has. We must cultivate this as a way of thinking and responding to this world, it doesn’t come naturally.

The third thing that is needed is intimacy. We must desire to come closer to God. However, in desiring to move closer to God, we must come to see that who we are is not what God desires. Read that again…we are not as God desires us to be. We aren’t the person that God wants us to be. So, if we want our prayers to really mean something we must come to one inescapable conclusion: I must desire and seek to have God change me in any way, at any time, to any degree. As I pray, that should be part of my communication to the Lord, a willingness to be changed in whatever way He sees fit. Until that becomes part of our prayer life, we are going to be missing some of God’s blessings.

I know, I used this same phrase last week. You may see this phrase a lot in the coming months; I have adopted this phrase as my goal for this year. I have given to Jesus the authority in my life to change anything about me, to any degree, at any time, using any method He sees fit. It has become the focus of my prayer life, and I hope it becomes yours, too!

I hope to see you in church, soon!