Central News for February 12, 2018

Central News for February 12, 2018

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Upcoming Events

  • February 18th ~ Deacon Ministry Team Meeting, from 12:30-1:00 PM
  • February 22nd ~ Advisory Board Meeting at 6:30 PM

Missionary News
For the latest news and prayer requests about our international Free Will Baptist missionaries, click here.

Missionary Spotlight: Eddy & Amanda Simmons

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: 2 Corinthians 7:1-16

Bible Memory Challenge: 2 Corinthians 7:10 (ESV)—10For godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation without regret, whereas worldly grief produces death.

Pastor’s Note
Thankfully the roads were clear enough yesterday that we didn’t need to cancel our services. What a blessing it was to have Troy Sadowski in our services, his testimony is a powerful message about the grace of God and what happens when we submit to that grace and ask Jesus into our lives.

Secondly, let me encourage you to investigate what Bro. Troy presented after the service. I can tell you, from personal experience, that the best decision Sharon and I have made concerning our estate has been to sign on to the program offered through the Free Will Baptist Foundation and Cornerstone Estate Planning. It is not only cost-effective; it is Christian-based. Finding a Christian attorney, experienced in estate planning, is a difficult enterprise. The Foundation and Cornerstone have taken that in hand, as well as making the process easy and more affordable.

As we move closer to Easter (April 1st) it is time to consider how you are going to participate. We will be doing another egg hunt this year. As we approach Easter, we will be needing candy (that can fit into the small, plastic eggs) for treats. We will also be hosting our annual community breakfast. We will need workers for setting up, serving, and cleaning up after the breakfast. We will have our Easter cantata, so we will need singers for the choir. Oh, and we need your guests! You should be thinking, already, about who you can invite to Easter services. Pray for them, and invite them in an engaging way. Be positive, and it’s even OK to be a little excited about inviting them to hear the gospel.

The Grandview Pastor’s Alliance is also planning a sunrise service for Easter morning. I will be providing more details as the date approaches.

So—what are you doing to be the church?