Central News for December 21, 2015

Central News for December 21, 2015

Central Church seeks to glorify God by bringing others to faith in Jesus Christ and seeing lives changed by teaching and living God’s truth.

Current Messages
Yesterday was our Children’s Christmas program.  Our kids did a great job!  Next week we’ll have a guest speaker, pastor Tom Worstell from Southview Christian Church will bring a message, and Pastor Alan will be over at Southview presenting a message there.  When the New Year begins, we’ll be starting a new series of messages.

Upcoming Events
Our normal Wednesday evening services for December 23rd are canceled

Central will celebrate a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on Thursday, December 24th at 6:00 PM

On Sunday, December 27th, Central will have Pastor Tom Worstell from Southview Christian Church sharing a message with us, as Pastor Alan will be at Southview preaching to their congregation.  It’s a pulpit swap Sunday!

Missionary News
For the latest information on our Free Will Baptist missionaries, check this link.

For the latest information about Joel and Naomi McGill, check this link.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: Exodus 18:1-27

Bible Memorization Challenge:

Pastor’s Note
What a great day we had yesterday, our kids did a wonderful job with their program!  The adult leaders who guided this project worked very hard to make it work out, and it did, praise God!  We had a lot of guests, and we had a chance to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them and their families.  Oh, and we had one who gave their life to Jesus!  That’s right, the Sunday before Christmas just became even better as one received Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  I’ll let the family spread the news…

This coming Sunday we’ll be experiencing something that we haven’t done in quite a while.  We are going to have a pulpit swap.  What that means is that a pastor from another church will come here to preach and I will be going to his church and preach.  You may be asking what we’re trying to accomplish with this.  That’s a fair question, so let me answer it.  The main reason for pulpit swaps is to promote Christian unity among different churches.  It is healthy to hear other preachers, from other churches, and realize that the message isn’t really all that different.  Pastor Tom Worstell from Southview Christian Church will be here to share a message and I will be at Southview sharing a message.  Lord willing, if we’ve done this properly, it will help our two congregations come a little closer.  Perhaps we can even plan a couple of joint services for special occasions.  The other thing that pulpit swaps accomplish is that it helps us jump out of a rut.  That’s right, we can become so complacent with the way that we “do church” that we think that it’s the only right way.  Pulpit swaps help us see that our way isn’t necessarily the only way.  Finally, pulpit swaps allow the Lord to speak to us in ways that we might not otherwise get.  Pray for Pastor Tom, and me, as we prepare to deliver these messages.

People joining handsDon’t worry, I’ll be back, Lord willing, to kick off the New Year right here at Central.  I’m working on a series of messages for 2016 to get us started on the right track.  I’m praying that 2016 will be our best year yet!  As we work together, it can be…

In the meantime, I hope to see you on Christmas Eve for our Candlelight Service, and if not, have a Merry Christmas!

I hope to see you in church soon!