Central News for December 15, 2014

Central News for December 15, 2014

Current Messages
We are deep into the Advent season, and with the children and adult programs at Central yesterday, there wasn’t a message recorded…check back next week for the final message in the Advent season.

What We Need

What We Want

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Calendar of Events
Central’s services on Wednesday, December 17th are canceled…we will be caroling at the Corner Brook Place in Kansas City at 7:00 PM

Central will host its’ annual Christmas Fellowship Meal on Sunday, December 21st following the morning worship service.  Everyone is encouraged to bring a side dish, salad, or dessert to share.

We will celebrate a special Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on Wednesday, December 24th at 7:00 PM

Missionary News
 Rusty and Brenda Carney (and children Grace and Kelton) left Nashville, Tennessee, Monday, December 8th, for Hokkaido, Japan. Pray for them to adjust quickly to the northern Hokkaido winter as well as the Japanese culture and language.

Mission Family: Several former missionaries are struggling with significant health needs. Billie Sexton (France—a fall resulted in brain bleed in October; still recuperating), Sheila Williams (Ecuador—dementia and Parkinson’s, declining), Cathy Crawford (France—recuperating from surgery on Monday, December 8th; possibly cancer-free), Bessie Richards (Côte d’Ivoire—blood clots), Eddie Bowerman (Panama—flu), and others whose needs we don’t know. Ask God to be near to each one, providing comfort, strength, and joy as needed. Also pray for Mirial Gainer (Japan) as she is experiencing spiking fevers.

France: Four people were baptized Saturday, December 6th, in Nantes, France.  Cyprien, Joel Teague’s best friend, became a Christian over a year ago. Marie and Agathe both accepted Christ in recent months as a result of the J’Pense events the Teagues initiated. Timothée attends the St. Sébastien church. Many unchurched friends and family members attended the event and some “left wanting to read the Bible or come back for a J’Pense event.” Pray God will continue to move in hearts and a great awakening will begin in the Nantes area and spread throughout France and Europe.

Japan: The Crowe family reapplied for their visas to Japan this week. Pray everything will be accepted and the paperwork processed quickly. They have January 20th plane tickets to Japan.

Globally: As in the States, many people attend church activities during the Christmas season, people who will not enter the church other times of the year. Pray participants in Christmas events will serve the Lord gladly. Pray attendees will hear and accept the message of God’s magnificent gift of salvation wrapped in His Child. Ask God to build unity in congregations as they work together to share the gospel.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge:
Psalm 96:1-9

Bible Memorization Challenge: Romans 5:8 (ESV)…8but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Pastor’s Note
Love Definition Magnifier Showing Loving Valentines And AffectionHow do you define love? For many people, love is defined by feelings, by emotion. While there is emotion contained in the concept of love, emotion only goes so far. Emotions can (will) change over time. Emotions flare up, and emotions cool down. This may explain some of the problems people have with relationships. If they use emotional terms to define love, then they are likely to fall into the trap of feeling like they have fallen out of love.

True love, however, isn’t a purely emotional concept. Pure love is more accurately defined as an act of the will to place someone else ahead of ourselves; tied to this is a strong, passionate affection for the person we love. So, when emotions cool off, the will is still strongly attached to the welfare of the other person. From a human standpoint, this is the only way for love to be consistent.

Thankfully, with God we don’t have to worry about a lack of consistency. When He says that He loves us, it isn’t up for debate; He loves us with an eternal love. It is a love that isn’t just words, either. It is a love that is demonstrated to us in very real ways. The best demonstration of God’s love for us comes through Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on our behalf. When we celebrate the birth of Jesus in the days to come, let’s remember that Jesus’ birth was simply the beginning of God’s demonstration of His love toward us.

I hope to see you in church, soon!