Central News for August 25, 2015

Central News for August 25, 2015

Current Messages
Our current series of messages reflects a need within the entire church, the need to reach out to others with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It isn’t easy, and for most Christians in America it is something they have never done.  We don’t want to be like most Christians in America, we want to be different:

August 23rd ~ Reach Out: Like Paul (Reason)

August 16th ~ Reach Out: Like Philip (Willingness)

August 9th ~ Reach Out: Like Peter (Boldness)

August 2nd ~ Where Do We Start

July 12th ~  Be Ready

Upcoming Events
Don’t forget our mid-week services on August 26th.  We are still working through Rob Morgan’s book, The Red Sea Rules.  We meet at 7:00 PM for singing, Bible study, and prayer.

The Greater Kansas City District Association of Free Will Baptists is hosting a special Sunday school teacher training seminar at LifePoint Crossing in Blue Springs, MO on Saturday, August 29th starting at 9:00 AM.  All Sunday school teachers are encouraged to attend!

TruthSeekers will be starting back up on September 9th at 7:00 PM.  Stay tuned for a look at their new logo!

The Advisory Board will meet on Tuesday, September 15th at 6:30 PM.

Missionary News
Uruguay: More than 50 children (and many parents) attended the Children’s Day outreach event on Sunday, August 16th, in Montevideo, Uruguay.  The gospel was presented and they were invited to regular services.  Pray they will return to hear the Good News and it will take root in their hearts.

India: Praise God, Brother Carlisle Hanna received his visa.  Brother Carlisle hopes to leave India on September 8th to return to the States for a few months.  Pray for safety, health, and endurance for pastors, evangelists, and lay preachers as they travel many miles to share the gospel.

Uruguay: Pray for Jaimie and Tammy Lancaster as they returned to Uruguay on August 19th.  Pray Tammy will find periods of rest and will continue to grow stronger during the coming weeks.

France: Pray for Robert Bryan’s trip to the dentist on September 1st.  Ask God to give him opportunities to discuss faith and truth with the doctor.

Mission Family: Pray for Jerry Pinkerton, retired missionary to Côte d’Ivoire, as he recovers from internal bleeding after a procedure on August 6th.  Ask God to provide strength and healing.  Pray for his wife Carol’s health as well as she cares for him.  He will have another procedure to remove additional cancer cells in October.

Mission Family: Pray for college-aged missionary kids as they prepare for college.  Our current MKs are: Amy McDonald (Welch College, Junior), Carson Outlaw (Welch College, Junior), Tori Outlaw (Toccoa Falls, Freshman), Johanna Riggs (Belmont, Junior), Daniel Snow (Toccoa Falls, Senior), and Megan Snow (Toccoa Falls, Sophomore).

Côte d’Ivoire: Regional Director Kenneth Eagleton departed on August 19th for a month in Côte d’Ivoire.  He will attend the Ivorian National Association (August 24th-28th) and participate in The Hanna Project efforts (September 4th-13th) at the Doropo Hospital.  Pray for wisdom, insight, energy and strength, good health, and guidance for Kenneth.

The Hanna Project: The Ecuador team (Matt Deckard, TN; Steve Greenwood, TN; Curt Gwartney, MO; Travis Harrison, MO; Ryan Long, MO; Alicia Baumfalk, KS; Danelle Rush, OK; Chad Overman, AR; Jeffrey Thielemier, AR; and team leader Curt Holland, TN) will serve August 21st-29th.  They will expand the cafeteria at Antioch Christian Academy, a rapidly expanding dual language school in the jungles of Ecuador.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: Matthew 8:1-17

Bible Memorization Challenge: Mark 1:41 (ESV)…41Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand and touched him and said to him, “I will; be clean.”

Pastor’s Note
I found out that there are some occupational hazards associated with being a pastor…if you baptize NINE adults in one evening, your surgically repaired shoulder may protest in the following days.  That’s right, last Wednesday night Central hosted dozens of young missionaries in training from YWAM-KC, all of whom were attending Discipleship Training Seminars.  Many of these young people had never been baptized, and through the training process had expressed a desire to be baptized.  Joel McGill asked if Central could host a baptismal service, and if I could help by baptizing seven young missionaries.  I agreed to help, and last Wednesday evening about 2-3 dozen young people flooded through the doors, with nine desiring to follow Jesus in believer’s baptism.  It was a great time of celebration!

Clasping handsWe are going to be finishing up the series on Sunday mornings,  Reach Out, this coming Sunday.  I pray that it will be a very powerful message and lesson for all of us.  As a church we will never be what God desires us to be until we see that this is our main purpose.  Once we get this idea firmly implanted and active, there’s nothing that can stop us from being what God wants us to be.

In September we’ll be starting a new series of messages on the church, titled Real Church.  Have you ever wondered what the church is supposed to be like?  In too many churches what we see is simply fake; we’re going to be looking at what a Real Church looks like, and how we can make sure that we are a Real Church.

Just a quick update, we are moving forward with the process of calling a youth pastor for Central Church.  The response through the pledge cards has been more than encouraging, it has been pretty wild!  Look for a special business meeting to be called in the next few weeks to finalize the proposal and seek congregational approval.

I hope to see you in church soon!