Central News for August 25, 2014

Central News for August 25, 2014

Our Messages
We’re  continuing a new series of messages entitled Vital Signs.  There are five vital signs that a Christian ought to check in their own personal spiritual journey.  These vital signs will help us determine whether or not our spiritual life is as alive as it ought to be!  It’s all found in the Book of James.  The first of the five Vital Signs is the ability to stand with confidence, here are the three messages in that part of the series:

How to Stand When it Hurts

How to Stand When Tempted

Standing On God’s Word

What’s Happening At Central Church
TruthSeekers will begin their weekly meetings on Wednesday, September 3rd at 7:00 PM.

We will be hosting our first Football Team Dinner of 2015 on September 5th.  If you can volunteer some time to assist with this event please let Gary or Nicole Breshears know.

Missionary News
McGill’s: Click here for the latest news from the McGill Family!

France: Praise God, Matt and Cristina Price’s visa applications were accepted on Monday, August 18th.  Pray their visas will be granted in a timely fashion.

India: Pray for Brother Carlisle Hanna as he prepares to leave India on August 25, 2014, to return to the States.  Ask God to give him strength and stamina, good health, and easy flights and connections for his trip.  Pray for health and safety for pastors and evangelists as they travel from church-to-church and community-to-community to share the gospel and teach Christians.

Mission Family: Missionaries, Mission staff, and some board members will participate in a Missions retreat this weekend (August 21-24) in Arkansas.  The retreat, sponsored by Connect Church in Russellville, Arkansas, offers the stateside Mission family opportunity to connect, fellowship, discuss current and future plans, and gain a broader vision of what God is accomplishing worldwide.  Pray for safety of travel, spiritual and physical refreshing, and great fellowship.

Brazil: Pray for the Nova América congregation in Campinas, Brazil, as they work to complete their building.  They are meeting in it and hope to have a roof on it by the end of the month.  Ask God to supply all they need—funding, energy, time, good weather—as they complete the facility.  Pray the community will be drawn to the church as they hear the worship and see the dedication of the members.

Globally: The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is November 2, 2014.  Daily reports of persecution of Christians warrant prayer now.  Ask God to give strength, courage, wisdom, grace, endurance, and peace to His children who face violence, imprisonment, and death because they embrace salvation through Jesus Christ.

Panama: Continue to pray for the transition process as Panamanians prepare to take full responsibility for the work in Panama.  Ask God to give leaders wisdom and direction, continued spiritual growth, and good interpersonal relationships.  Pray especially for administrators/leadership for the Bible institute.

Mission Family: Pray for expectant missionary mothers Joni Hubbard (Japan, due this month), Brenda Carney (Japan, due in September), and Miriam Bishop (Japan, due in January 2015).  Pray for healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries.  Ask God to give them the energy and strength they need for each task and caring for their other children.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: James 2:1-26

Bible Memorization Challenge: James 2:1 (ESV)…1 My brothers, show no partiality as you hold the faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory.

Pastor’s Note

Packing BandSnack bagsEvery year for the past few years we have undertaken a project that involves us with the local High School.  We feed the football team a couple of dinners.  We also pack snack bags for the high school marching band, the Blue & Gold Brigade.  Both of these events take time, money, and work.  Both of them are important to us, because we know that if ever there is a need for high school students to know that someone out there cares for them, this is it!  We don’t receive a lot of attention for this, nor do we try and generate much attention from it.  Some might even say it isn’t worth it, after all, we haven’t gained any souls for the Kingdom through this effort.  However, I look it as planting seeds.  On each bag is a QR code that if the student scans it with their smartphone, they will be directed to a special page dedicated to them.  There they can read why we do this, because we genuinely care about them.  After every football team dinner, we share with the team why we have done this for them.  Maybe, someday, the seeds will get watered…and someone will be there to reap a harvest!

Our church directories will be available this coming Sunday in print form.  The online directory will also be available by this weekend.  We plan on printing the directory only once per year, but the online directory will be available all year long, and will contain the most accurate information.  Thanks to Wynona and Mike Dodd, Micole and Luis Guzman, and Edwin Bowden for all of their hard work in making this project possible.

This coming Sunday we move on to the second of five Vital Signs for our Christian walk, Serving With Compassion.  It is a difficult section, for it truly does continue the challenge that James issued at the end of Chapter 1…become a doer of the word!  I’m looking forward to this next set of messages as we look at truly becoming a people of service.

I hope to see you in church, soon!