Central News for August 10, 2015

Central News for August 10, 2015

Current Messages
Reaching out means taking a chance.  Reaching out to someone else means making yourself somewhat vulnerable.  You may be taken advantage of.  However, when you’re reaching out for the sake of God’s kingdom, you have some things you can count on, one of them is that you’re never alone!

Be Ready

Where Do We Start

Reach Out: Like Peter (Boldness)

Upcoming Events
Grandview Day of Prayer will be celebrated on Sunday, August 16th starting at 4:00 PM.  We will meet at the large outdoor shelter at The View in Grandview.  Bring non-refrigerated desserts to share, enough water for your family, and lawn chairs for seating!

Advisory Board Meeting on Monday, August 17th starting at 6:30 PM

The Encourager’s will host a class fellowship meal on Friday, August 21st at 6:00 PM

The Deacons will meet on Sunday, August 23rd following the morning worship service.

Missionary News
Japan: Praise God for the salvation and baptism of a Japanese woman at the Miharashidai Church in Hokkaido on August 2nd.  Pray her husband will see his need of Christ, too.

India: Continue to pray for Carlisle Hanna’s paperwork to be processed and his visa to be granted.  Also pray for his safety (he turned 86 on August 3rd), as well as that of our pastors and Christians, as Sonapur experiences an excessively hot, dry monsoon season.  Pray for rain.  Other areas are experiencing heavy flooding.  So many people still need to hear the gospel and are entering eternity without the message of salvation.

Mission Family: Pray for Jerry Pinkerton, retired missionary to Côte d’Ivoire, as he had a procedure performed on August 6th to remove a cancerous place from his esophagus.  Following the procedure Jerry suffered a severe bleeding incident which resulted in him being placed in ICU, and receiving several units of blood.  Pray the lymph nodes will be clean and no further surgery will be necessary.

Brazil: The Marabá FWB Church in Araras, Brazil, held a two-day vacation Bible school (VBS) in July.  Eighty percent of the 45 children attending were unchurched.  Ask God to use the VBS to draw these children (and their parents) to church, and ultimately, to a life-changing relationship with Christ.

France: Pray for Robert Bryan’s dentist as he reads through a book Robert gave him.  Ask God to use it to help this man see his need of Jesus and begin meaningful conversations with Robert.

Regional Directors: Pray for Jeff Turnbough as he received two spinal cord injections on August 6th, in preparation for a month-long trip to Europe.  He has arthritis, bone spurs on several neck vertebrae, and calcific tendinitis of the longus colli muscle.  Pray this will alleviate the pain.

Japan: A new ministry, Hope Alive, began Saturday, August 8th, in Tokyo.  The bi-monthly English worship outreach will consist of Bible study, worship, and English language community time.  Pray Japanese English speakers will be drawn to the opportunity to use their English skills and learn of the hope they can have in Christ.  Pray for Josh and Alicia Crowe as they spearhead this endeavor.

Cuba: An eight-person team is in Cuba assisting with the annual youth camp until August 10th.  Around 400 young people attended last year’s camp, held on the Cedars of Lebanon Seminary campus.  The team is serving the Cuban youth any way needed.

Mission Family: Mrs. Gladys Turnbough, mother of missionaries Jeff Turnbough (Europe) and Judy Bailey (Japan), has been hospitalized since July 16th.  On August 3rd, she developed pneumonia and fever.  Pray for God to give comfort and strength to Mrs. Gladys.

Japan: Daniel and Katie Speer concluded their cross-cultural training on August 6th, in North Carolina.  Pray they will be able to assimilate all they have learned.  The family is still waiting to receive their Certificate of Eligibility from the Japanese government.  The certificate is necessary for them to apply for their visas.  Ask God to move in His way and His time.

Spain: Neil and Mandi Morgan have a meeting at the Spanish Consulate in Miami, Florida, on August 10th.  Ask God to superintend this meeting and, if it is His will, allow the Morgans to walk out with visa approval.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: Acts 8:26-40

Bible Memorization Challenge: Acts 8:29–30 (ESV)…29And the Spirit said to Philip, “Go over and join this chariot.”  30So Philip ran to him and heard him reading Isaiah the prophet and asked, “Do you understand what you are reading?”

Pastor’s Note
What a great time we had last week.  Vacation Bible School is always an exciting time, and last week was no different.  We had over 40 children in attendance each night, with many of them coming from families that aren’t (yet) associated with Central.  Pray for our follow-up with these families, pray that we might be able to reach into their lives and show them Jesus.  All who were involved deserve a big, “Thank You!”  By the way, the dunking booth was a huge favorite of the kids:

Inside the bulletin on Sunday we had our pledge cards for our Youth/Family Ministry Pastor.  If you missed being here yesterday, don’t worry.  We are going to be mailing a pledge card to every family in the church.  You can also find the pledge card online by clicking here.  We are asking everyone to prayerfully consider how they can support this effort to call a youth/family ministry pastor to assist us in building a more effective and healthy church.

Please consider attending the upcoming Grandview Day of Prayer this coming Sunday afternoon.  It will be held at the large outdoor shelter at The View, Grandview’s community center.  If you are attending please bring a non-refrigerated dessert to share, enough water for your family, and some lawn chairs.

Finally, consider how you can start reaching out to your close associates.  Remember, God has placed you where you are, surrounding you with your associates, so that you can reach them.  Pray for someone…be bold, and tell them about Jesus.  Remember our mission:

Central Church seeks to glorify God by bringing others to faith in Jesus Christ and seeing lives changed by teaching and living God’s truth.

I hope to see you in church soon!