Central News for July 6, 2015

Central News for July 6, 2015

Current Messages
It was a great celebration weekend for our country.  The celebration of freedom, freedom that was paid for out of the sacrifice of many.  We have a path that determines our own personal freedom.  When we follow that path we have the opportunity to live freely, regardless of our political situation.

The Path to Freedom

Upcoming Events
Central will have a special celebration service this coming Sunday, July 12th as we have an ordination service for Tim Smith and Brett Daire in our morning worship service

The Advisory Board will meet on Monday, July 13th at 6:30 PM

Central will have a Special Business Meeting on Sunday, August 2nd following the morning worship service

Don’t forget about Vacation Bible School starting Monday, August 3rd through Friday, August 7th from 6:30 to 8:30 PM each night.  We still need volunteers and donated items.

Missionary News
Ramadan: Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, began June 18th in the United States.  Today’s prayer emphasis is for the 800,000 Uzbek speakers of southern Kyrgyzstan.  Ask God to reveal the Truth of the gospel to many Uzbek speakers.  Pray individuals will be diligent in sharing the gospel with family and friends.  Join Christians worldwide in praying for Muslims during this time.

 The Hanna Project: The THP Bulgaria team (Cecil Moss, Samee Miller, Darren Walker, and Sydney Walker from NC; Holly Petty and Jacob Pruemer of IL; Diana Winters of WV; and Curt Holland, TN) returned to the States on June 29th.  Several people attended church in Svishtov on Sunday, June 28th, as a result of the work of the team.  Ask God to continue to work in hearts.

India: Carlisle Hanna asks for prayer for him and especially Pastor David RajKumar (in ill health) and his son Stanley RajKumar as they work with Calvary FWB Church in Mettypalayam, Tamil Nadu, (South India) in providing a new pastor after Pastor Devanesan’s death.  Pray God will move and individuals will seek His will rather than their own.  Pray also for Brother Carlisle as he deals with North India heat, mentors pastors, and oversees the work in India.  Pray also for monsoon rains to hit North India.  The rains are necessary for rice production.

The Hanna Project: A team left for Japan on July 1st, and will serve through July 13th.  Team members (Dillon and Stephanie Alphin, NC; Karen Chauncey, GA; Stephen Daniles, NC; Jack Edson, TN; Cornell Edwards, NC; Nelda Highsmith, NC; Jennifer Lane, GA; David and Taylor Landers, GA; Charlie and Claudia Lieupo, GA; Sean and Lauren Mercer, GA; Benjamin and Ashley Shahl, GA; and Dala Wingo, IL) will assist in the re-construction of a church/parsonage combination in eastern Hokkaido.  Missionaries Nathan and Linda SnowDoug and Miriam Bishop, and Rusty and Brenda Carney serve with Pastor Ishii and his family in this region.

Mission Family: Bessie Richards, former missionary to Côte d’Ivoire, after a slight setback, returned to her home in Nashville on June 27th.  Pray for her cardiologist to have wisdom in meeting her health needs.

Bulgaria: Trif and Vanya Trifonov and their three children arrived in Nashville, Monday, June 29th, for two months of meeting supporters and fundraising.  They traveled to Arkansas on July 2nd.  Pray for this family as they adjust to American culture and speak in churches and other venues.  Pray their ministry will strengthen the partnerships between these churches and the Bulgaria team.

Panama: Lázaro and Ariadna Riesgo received approval for their visas to the United States on June 30th.  Praise God!  Ask Him to be with this couple as they close out their ministry in Panama and prepare for their role as educational specialists to Hispanics.  Pray they will receive their paperwork in time to attend the National Association of Free Will Baptists in Grand Rapids, Michigan, July 19th.

Japan: Ken and Judy Bailey arrived in the States for stateside assignment on July 1st.  Shannon Little arrives July 8th.  Pray for them to have no trouble with flights or luggage.  Ask God to help them as they adjust to time zone, culture, and climatic differences.

Bulgaria: Josh and Lydia Provow flew out of Nashville to Bulgaria on June 30th; they arrived on July 1st.  Pray the family will adjust quickly and easily to Bulgarian culture, language, and climate.

The Hanna Project: Pray for Matthew and Brooke and their children as they prepare to leave Spain for stateside assignment on July 14th.  Pray for peace and grace as they tie-up loose ends, pack, and say goodbyes during the next two weeks.

Bible Challenges
Bible Reading Challenge: Acts 6 & 7

Bible Memorization Challenge: Acts 7:56 (ESV)…And he said, “Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God.”

Pastor’s Note
Be in prayer this week, especially, for our teens who are attending camp.  It is a critical time when they are removed from their comfort zones for a few days, and it allows God to speak to them in a different way.  We’ve seen how this has paid dividends in the past with several of our teens giving their lives to Jesus at camp.

Here’s something else to keep in your prayers, our teens and other children who didn’t go to camp this week.  Just because they didn’t attend camp, it doesn’t mean that the Lord can’t speak into their lives this week.

Hands raised high

We will be celebrating the ordination of two of our deacon candidates this coming Sunday, Tim Smith and Brett Daire (Gary Breshears’ ordination will be held at a later date due to family scheduling issues).  Deacons are one of two offices in the local church that is given strict qualifications for the fulfillment of this role.  These men have all served Central faithfully for many years, they are men who have humbly accepted the challenge of filling the role of deacon, and they are men whom we ought to honor with this upcoming celebration.  An ordination service is a special service.  It signifies that a local church has recognized that God has called someone into a specialized ministry.  It doesn’t convey anything to the men who are being ordained, other than the recognition by the congregation of their role.  I believe that God has called each of these men into His service, and I am excited by the prospect of what God is going to do in and through these men and their families.  As they enter into this new area of service, please keep these families in your prayers.  They have also become even larger targets for the enemy.

I’m looking forward to Sunday, it’s going to be a great time of fellowship and celebration!

I hope to see you in church soon!