Sermons on Acts

Sermons on Acts

A Focused Life ~ Go!

A focused life requires us, as followers of Jesus, to be about the business of going to our neighbors and sharing the gospel with them.
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Our Task ~ A Common Mission

We have one mission as a church, as a fellowship. That mission is to make disciples. Jesus didn’t leave us a complicated set of instructions, it is simple and not open for debate. This is only a partial recording of the sermon due to technical difficulties.
Glowing text (He is Risen) with a flying dove

What Easter Brings ~ Salvation

Salvation can be an easily misunderstood word. It has been appropriated by Christians, and as a result it may not mean the same to Christians as it does who are not part of the Christian community. Simply defined salvation is deliverance from something bigger than you can handle…
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The last of our Advent gifts, the greatest gift of all, salvation.  That’s what the birth of Jesus really means.
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Ends of the Earth

When Jesus left this earth, He told His disciples that they would become His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.  So, does that mean that only some are responsible for reaching the “ends of the earth?”
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Reaching Out By Scattering

Reaching out when you find yourself in unfamiliar circumstances can be exceptionally challenging.  The unfamiliar tends to bring confusion, or worse, inaction.  Jesus, however, has a plan for reaching out in these circumstances, He scatters us to where He needs us to be!
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The Choices We Make

There is a disturbing trend in American churches, the feeling that evangelism is not a personal responsibility of each member of the church.  Research shows that up to 20 percent of Evangelical believers don’t think that they have a role to play when it comes to reaching out to non-believers.  What does Jesus have to say about this?

The Universal Answer

All of mankind faces a universal crisis, it’s called sin.  It separates us from God, it makes us ignorant concerning God, and it damages the image of God within each one of us.  Thankfully, there is a universal answer to this universal crisis.
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