A Couple Thoughts

A Couple Thoughts

Since we hosted the choir from Teen Challenge yesterday, there is no sermon to upload today.  So, let me share a couple of thoughts with you:

After listening to the testimonies of the ladies who were here yesterday, it is apparent to me that most of us have had a very blessed life.  Most of us didn’t have the trauma that many of these ladies have had to deal with.  Rather than use the trauma as an excuse to continue living with addiction, they have chosen to let Jesus heal them.  The power of the Holy Spirit is evident in their lives.  It is a perfect example of what God can, and will, do for us when we submit to Him.  I hope you will pray for these ladies, as they continue on their journey to healing and wholeness through faith in Jesus.

I am also aware that for most people, the scars we carry are not visible, physical scars.  The scars that most of us have to deal with are mental, emotional, and spiritual scars; which means that it is easy to hide them from everyone around us.  We look and act “normal” when in fact we are broken and hurting.  Only when we decide to admit to our brokenness can we start the healing process.  I applaud the courage of those women who shared with us yesterday, and I will be praying for them to know the healing touch of Jesus in their lives.

That’s it, just a couple of random thoughts…

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